The team at Identity have embraced the return of in-person experiences with open arms. As leading industry professionals, the Identity team have attended a plethora of awards ceremonies this year and were pleased to be awarded Best Large Agency at the CN Awards. Attending these events has provided an insightful opportunity to pull together my top five favourite elements from the ceremonies that we have attended.

  1. Togetherness
    There was a newfound sense of togetherness, making awards feel more important and as a result, added excitement – the connection was greater. Senior leadership teams were out in full force demonstrating the importance of being seen, networking and elevating brand awareness through presence at the events.
  2. Meaningful Conversations
    Conversations seemed somewhat more meaningful, they were deeper and more emotional. The Identity team discovered there was an openness and honesty never experienced before. As anticipated, there were plenty of conversations about the last 18 months however there was an overarching sense of anticipation about what the future may have in store.
  3. Celebrations
    In-person events have been greatly missed. Attendees wanted not only to celebrate awards but to celebrate being together. With teamwork being the beating heart of a company, celebrating an achievement whether it be a win of an award, or to attend for a well-deserved nomination, it is always important to recognise, reward and remember the hard work of those around you with the rest of your team.
  4. Intimate environments
    There is no denying that Covid has changed the way events are hosted. Some awards were smaller than before due to the gradual lifting of restrictions or to create a more reassuring atmosphere, but this made them more intimate and personal.
  5. Humans coming together
    One thing that the team loved was seeing faces reconnecting – celebrating, sharing and engaging. It felt good to be part of something ‘live’ again.

The team are passionate about delivering captivating moments that will leave emotive marks on attendees. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your vision a reality.