Friday 3rd of September 2021 saw event professionals coming together to celebrate the success of virtual and hybrid events from the last 12 months at the micebook V Awards. Nobu Portman Square hosted a fantastic evening of amazing food, entertainment and celebrations as the industry welcomed back normality and the long-awaited return of live events.

Following on from the RAF Access All Areas event series that saw ground-breaking statistics and delivery on recruitment targets, Identity won Best Audience Engagement at the V Awards for the series.

“It was fantastic to attend the V Awards, recognising the incredible work the industry has put in, to react to the ever-evolving world of events and how we worked tirelessly to provide solutions for clients before they even knew they needed them! It felt like a very well-deserved celebration.” – Kelly Stewart, Executive Account Director

You can view the RAF Access All Areas documentary video for all the information on how the team worked to deliver outstanding results within a virtual capacity amongst the challenges of a global pandemic.