Identity's sustainability promise

Identity’s sustainability promise

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A sustainable events agency with a difference

We’ll meet you wherever you are on your sustainability journey, working in step with you to maximise positive impact: to protect our environment, nurture our people and secure our future.

We produce inclusive, accessible, sustainable events that deliver social value for local communities and the betterment of our industry.

Our team loves making a difference and we thrive on tackling the challenge of making your event more socially and environmentally conscious, year on year, event after event. We want to go on a journey, meeting you where you are and creating positive impacts in step with you.

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We are the go-to agency whatever the challenge, whatever the ambition.



We bring experience, robustness, rigour – our delivery is assured.



We lead the way, accelerating innovation and acting responsibly.



We create sustainable, socially conscious events with legacy.

Our achievements so far

97% reduction in Scope 1 emissions since 2021

25% reduction in Scope 2 emissions since 2021

94% reduction in emissions from employee commuting

91% reduction in emissions from office waste

Our sustainable event production promise

The events sector must pay attention to its impact on the environment and local communities, now more than ever.

We are committed to inspiring positive change and are looking to reduce our impact as much as possible without compromising the high standard we set for our client’s events.

We view every decision through the lens of sustainability and social value, gathering insights, globally and locally, to create positive impact and drive legacy.

Identity has made considerable progress over the last two decades. In the past three years, we have implemented green initiatives to help achieve our goal of being Net Zero by 2050.

Climate change impacts all of us and collaboration is key to achieving a more sustainable events sector. Learning from each other is crucial, and we will continue to forge the path to promote a more sustainable events industry.

This is our promise.


  • leads the way in delivering events sustainably​​.
  • uses data to inform and share best practices​.
  • is a force for positive change in our industry and for our clients​​.
  • expects and supports all suppliers to adhere to our same high standards​​.
  • creates a positive influence on the next generation​.
  • is committed to reducing our impact as a business.
  • cares about our future.

“I am proud to lead our commitment to environmentally responsible event production. Our pledge goes beyond internal initiatives; it encompasses engaging in crucial conversations with clients, supply chain partners, and venues to weave sustainability into the fabric of our events. Additionally, our event sustainability impact reporting plays a pivotal role, offering invaluable insights into our environmental footprint and guiding focused improvement efforts for future events. Together, with collaborative efforts and data-driven strategies, we are shaping a more sustainable future for the events industry, one that prioritises environmental stewardship and social responsibility.” Marie Simpson, Head of HSSE

How we make events more sustainable

Here are some of the sustainability practices we uphold to ensure your event is as socially and environmentally friendly as possible:

  • Tracking, analysing and reporting on sustainability success
  • Harnessing data-driven insights to maximise environmental and social sustainability, and return on investment
  • Tracking carbon emissions and sustainability KPIs with specialist tools
  • Keeping up to date with and maintaining recognised sustainability standards and industry memberships
  • Optimising our systems and procedures to drive continuous improvements
  • Building strong relationships with suppliers to ensure responsible procurement
  • Engaging with local suppliers, businesses and communities to support local economy
  • Minimising our impact on local communities and environment (leave no trace)
  • Training our team and suppliers in sustainable best practices
  • Generating unique sustainability insights from local team placements
  • Creating work placement opportunities to inspire the next generation
  • Applying a circular economy approach that considers product lifecycles and reduces waste
  • Refuse, rethink, redesign, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle
  • Providing multi-format events and collateral (in-person, virtual and hybrid events)
  • Celebrating diversity to produce inclusive and accessible events
  • Collaborating with wider industry to encourage knowledge sharing and drive positive change

With sustainability and social value front of mind, we want to have conversations with you about the things that matter, so we can plan events that have a positive impact. Our governance and international locations mean we have unique insights into sustainability and social value at a global level.

Sustainability in the events industry

Over the last 5-6 years, we have seen an acceleration of sustainability initiatives across the events industry. However, there is still a long way to go to reach net zero by 2050.

The industry is now working at pace to build sustainability into the entire process, from pitch to post-event delivery.

The importance of sustainability in events

The events industry can’t fix the world’s climate issues alone. However, we can all make small changes to contribute to the bigger impact. Sustainable solutions need to be adopted by all organisations, across all industries around the world to reach net zero emissions.

What is sustainable event management?

Sustainability-focused event management covers all stages of the process – from pitch to design, delivery and reporting. We make it our responsibility to drive sustainability forward throughout the process, giving all stakeholders a seat at the table to ensure everyone’s objectives are met.

What makes a sustainable event?

When it comes to creating a sustainable event, the four key areas to consider are; energy, transport, materials and waste management. 

Measurement and reporting are vital in order to track progress and refine processes for the next event. At Identity, we track sustainability KPIs in real-time with weekly reviews to ensure the decisions we are making with our clients have minimal environmental impact. 

Making more eco-conscious decisions around events doesn’t have to feel unattainable. 

Quick wins that are simple, tangible and measurable include;

  • Reducing food waste by opting for plated meals over buffets
  • Eliminating single-use plastics in favour of recycled materials
  • Choosing vegetarian food options over red meat (which can result in 7x less carbon emissions)
  • Holding your event during spring or autumn to reduce emissions created by heating and cooling event venues

Transport makes up a huge percentage of event-related carbon emissions. Encouraging attendees to use public transport, or offering virtual events so that people can attend from home can make a significant impact on energy consumption. 

Sustainable practices need to be built in from the very beginning. All of our suppliers are assessed against sustainability and social value measures, and we provide guidance and training to help suppliers make their own processes more energy efficient.

How can an event be socially sustainable?

At Identity, we’re pleased to see the focus move towards social value when it comes to events. We believe that events should be inclusive, accessible and give back to local communities.

We do this through internships and training schemes, working with schools and maintaining accessibility standards at all of our events.

Our sustainable event management services

We’re a full-service global events agency offering strategy, delivery, concept development and measurement.

Sustainable corporate events

We work with corporate organisations to improve sustainability across your events, wherever you are in your journey. With experience delivering large, high-profile events, we can help you achieve your sustainability ambitions and report on relevant sustainability KPIs through our tracking tools.

Sustainable business events

Identity is the incumbent for many global brands in sport, technology, digital and blue economy sectors, and our work is seen globally.

Experiential in-person events

Human experience is at the heart of everything we create. We provide award-winning production for live global events that make a real impact.

Virtual and hybrid events

With expertise spanning end-to-end digital delivery across creative, strategic and technical projects, we create pioneering human experiences for hybrid and virtual digital events.

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