Identity is delighted to have signed up to join The Sustainable Event Alliance. The guild for event sustainability practitioners, specialists, organisations, venues, and suppliers with the united goal to fast track towards climate positive events.

By signing their membership charter, Identity has agreed to support the following areas when planning and delivering events:

  • Commitment
  • Environment
  • Social responsibility
  • Reporting

The team have already been doing many of the initiatives detailed in the charter, particularly on our recent projects including the G7 Summit and COP26. Part of the legacy is using this same approach on our other projects going forward and doing everything we can to implement as many of these measures as possible.

5 tips from the Sustainable Event Alliance to make events more sustainable:

  • Venue: when organising an event that is in a venue managed by others, it is very important to choose a venue with sustainability credentials in place
  • Power: the goal is to minimise the use of fossil fuels. Try to be as conservative as you can with energy consumption and source as much renewable energy as possible
  • Materials & Sourcing: it is important to source sustainably produced products and materials. Our sourcing decisions can make a positive impact and reduce the demand on our Earth’s resources.
  • Transport: moving people, infrastructure, equipment, supplies, food, waste, etc is such a large contributor to GHG emissions for many events. You can reduce the impact by sourcing locally as much as possible. This will reduce the amount of travel needed for the event
  • Circularity: it is important to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills. Recycling and repurposing materials will help limit the amount reaching landfills.

At Identity, we have made strides over the last three years in innovating in this area, and we are now ready to take the next ambitious step of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, with steps including a dedicated sustainability promise and carbon reduction plan in place.

As a leader in the industry, we believe that we have the responsibility to drive positive change through innovating with low-carbon design to create a more sustainable future for ourselves, our clients, and our partners. It’s time for all of us to start making a difference together.