Identity Glasgow Site Visit Photography

It’s hard to succinctly convey the true scale and challenge of delivering COP26. For those joining the project on a daily basis to help deliver it, it’s a process that demands…immersion.

Our team comprises industry ‘legends’ with decades of experience, working alongside recently graduated interns; seasoned contractors from close to home and far away, and suppliers new to Identity and in some cases, new to the events industry as well; familiar, established members of the Identity ‘family’ – both permanent and freelance staff, and a whole raft of recruits new to the company.

It is by necessity and deliberate intent an eclectic team. Every day we and our clients benefit from the solutions we are developing as a result of input born of so many diverse talents, experiences and outlooks. We try to work with humility, our minds open to new ways of thinking and working.

The Media & Broadcast team is hosting our four senior interns (the first four of many more to come) on their second week of rotations (a week in each department before they ‘specialise’). It’s great timing, as this week includes a deep-dive workshop with NEP (media & broadcast partner for COP26) at their production centre in Bracknell.

The Conference team is working on aligning available spaces with the planned programme – no mean feat given the challenge of limited space and the high demand.

The Creative team and Producers are also now working on the branding strategy for the entire site, plus the integration of many creative installations and activations – looking for places and spaces to showcase so many great ideas. It’s an exciting time as we begin to transition from building a venue to creating an experience.

In the Virtual world, the major challenge at the moment is growth – we need more of everything to meet a brief that keeps giving and giving as we anticipate and uncover what the true demand for digital engagement is likely to be, and work to meet expectations with rock-solid, resilient solutions.

And underpinning all this activity is the work of our Commercial team working to ensure HR, contracting, procurement, risk management, budget management, and the all-important out of scope tracking process keeps the operation flowing efficiently and effectively.

Across all these streams of work is the ongoing challenge of governance – ensuring that we have the correct structure and processes in place for planning, tracking and decision-making.

Equally important to us is the HOW of it all. How do we ensure an accessible, inclusive experience for all; how do we deliver both creatively AND sustainably; how do we engage and enable local talents and suppliers; how do we enable those upon who we rely and who rely on us to do their best work; how do we keep open-minded and agile when circumstances sometimes feel like they are conspiring against us; how do we create a meaningful, lasting legacy; how can we contribute to the post COVID recovery of the industry; how do we make a positive difference? The answers to these questions aren’t always as straightforward as we might perhaps wish them to be – but they are emerging. We are listening carefully, and walking the talk for all the right reasons. There will be lessons to share and great stories to tell.