A panel on stage at preventing sexual violence in conflict

Throughout Identity’s evolution, we have been lucky enough to support in the facilitation of events that provide platforms for vital discussions. In many cases, we wish these discussions weren’t necessary, especially regarding climate change and social justice, but we know how impactful events can be in generating positive changes through the creation of meaningful human experiences. 

One event that speaks to this is the global summit on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative (PSVI). The conference takes place over two days and marks ten years since the launch of the initiative. PSVI brings together around 800 delegates including UK government officials, foreign ministers, and subject matter experts. Discussions are designed to place survivors at the centre, presenting the opportunity for stories to be told, and action to be taken.  

As part of our longstanding relationship with the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office, we were asked to facilitate and promote the PSVI event. They required help with the creation of a revitalised brand to represent the event along with integrated elements to promote the activities which included a registration portal, a website, app, and live streaming.  

We were careful when building the event to integrate hybrid event elements so that all three session rooms could accommodate for content to be accessed remotely. The venue is well structured for accessibility requirements, ensuring that the space is safe and inclusive for all.  

We worked collaboratively to establish a physical story line that represents the survivors and their journey. These story lines are accompanied by portraits of the survivors, as well as quotes that speak on their truth, in their own words. The event needed to put survivors first, so we were asked to incorporate paintings, photography, sculpture, video, and textiles that reflect their experiences, or were created by the survivors themselves.  

Working with clients on events such as PSVI resonate with us as a business. We are honoured to be a part of the story for the initiative, and hope that one day, these conferences won’t be needed. In the meantime, we are happy to facilitate and support in the creation of the environment for these vital discussions.  

We are lucky to have such an empowered group of people working for us at Identity, and we encourage all employees to champion the issues that they care about the most. This truly reflects our culture; we are a group of people who value important discussions, facilitating a safe environment where we can work together for a better future, through positive human experiences.