The COP28 logo as designed by Identity

We were honoured to design the COP28 logo to reflect the urgency of tackling climate change. Discover our creative process…

What is COP28 in Dubai?

In November 2023, Dubai will host the 28th United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference. The Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, said that ’COP28 will be the UAE’s most important event in 2023’.

COP28 will focus on establishing pragmatic solutions to the climate crisis and is arguably one of the most significant, global multilateral events. The conference will attract approximately 140 heads of state and government leaders, 80,000 delegates from public and private sectors and thousands of media professionals.

Given this, COP28 requires accessible branding that reflects the urgency and opportunity of tackling climate change. Identity were selected from 17 companies in a competitive pitch to deliver on this.

COP28 logo – our design process

In developing the logo, we began with the visual language, to pin down exactly what the logo should communicate. We focused on unity, innovation, and inclusivity as key messages, understanding that the brand must express a degree of togetherness while simultaneously maintaining a bold, sophisticated style. We wanted to create a sense of urgency through a powerful narrative and establish a brand that embodies diversity and ingenuity.

The chosen logo highlights the beauty found on our planet. From a distance, the spherical, logo seems to be one complete shape, reminiscent of the globe and all its continents. On closer inspection, there are many distinctive stories that echo the individual experiences of climate change. The collection of diverse icons, from people and renewable energy technologies to wildlife and nature, represents the wealth of humanity’s natural and technological resources, and emphasizes the need for innovation across all sectors to drive inclusive and transformational climate action.

Our design is optimistic, depicting all life coexisting with a sense of balance restored through action. The technologies included are future-focused, solar panels and wind turbines that fit seamlessly with the natural imagery of plants and animals.

Taking influence from nature, we created a contemporary colour palette that alludes to a sense of urgency. We opted for a vibrant lime to create a modern look and increase brand recognition. This decision also meant we could introduce a new colourway, one that had not been used by COP before.

The purpose of the branding is to embody everything that is COP28. The significance of this environmentally sustainable event is hard to summarise in a single image, like our planet. Our design echoes this fact. It is rich and complex; busy, but not without some sense of order. Ultimately, it exists to champion the conference, the attendees, the UAE, and most importantly our One Earth.
2023 will see the international community convene to reignite momentum on climate change. Identity are honoured to be part of the narrative of COP28, and to help drive the global conversation towards action and delivery.

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