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The word ‘innovation’ can elicit a variety of reactions in our clients. Sometimes clients are resistant to change, or they may be in a state of flux and require more stability. Rarely, do clients approach innovation without any preconceived ideas about what it means, and it is our job to show them the reality of what innovative event solutions can do for them.

For Identity, innovation is not so complicated.  

Often innovation is seen as disruptive, something that explodes on to the scene unapologetically. This is not typically the case. For innovation to be effective, it needs to move slowly, information must be gathered and often there are bumps along the way. The key to effective innovation is to achieve trust, and for that to happen there needs to be realistic goal setting to make success a reality.

Head in the clouds

Sometimes we burst balloons, and that is okay. If a client comes to us with an idea that is not possible, it is our job to come up with a solution that will ultimately succeed. We must temper the idea with the practicalities of implementing the solution and marry this with the driving force behind the innovation. We need to establish where they are on their innovation journey and provide options based on that. The most important thing for Identity is that we are a safe pair of hands for our clients, if a client wants to fly too close to the sun, we will bring them back to earth and provide wings to help them soar.

What does success look like?

For many who are innovating in the events space, knowing what success looks like is a big hurdle to manage. Once the process has been agreed, it could take months to be put into action. The challenge with measuring success is that event agencies are at the end of the chain. Unless we have a close relationship with the client, knowing the data that reflects the success of an event can be near impossible. Virtual and hybrid events can provide in-depth data analytics, and this gives us insight into what innovations are successful and for who. Using this data and experience from previous events can be an effective way to establish a foundation and direction for future innovations.

A plan comes together  

Being an innovative events agency means we need to bring those who are more resistant to change onboard. It is our job to demonstrate how implementing new technologies and methodologies can contribute to increased event success. If a plan can be executed it presents an opportunity to learn, instead of some intangible dream that could never get off the ground. Setting achievable goals is vital for successful innovation. In the world of innovation, action really does speak the loudest.

If you are ready to start your innovation journey, we would love to chat with you about where you want to go. You can reach us here; we look forward to hearing from you!