Group of female managers gather around a laptop

At Identity, we are passionate about getting the best out of our people. Our managers are leaders and inspire their teams to reach their full potential, in an ever-evolving industry. We nurture our talent, encourage development internally and harness our incredible leaders to generate positive change.

Our values and people management unite to form a golden thread that is woven throughout our business strategy. This thread defines our actions as a business, and our leaders are integral to this. Being at the forefront of change is where we are most comfortable so it stands to reason that we would inspire a new chapter for leadership development. Our leaders are the benchmark and the key to talent development, which is ultimately integral to our success as a business.  

As a part of our wider business strategy, we decided to consolidate what we think it takes to be a great leader into one succinct programme for our managers to refer to. This ambition has been fully realised through the creation of our Management Development programme, which forms a part of our Learning & Development investment in people.

Moving into 2023, we will see an innovative learning experience platform condense opportunities we currently offer, enhancing the learner experience and our evolving ambitions. Our aim is to place skills firmly at the centre of our learning technologies and address gaps as soon as they appear, maximising our potential as a business. Containing a variety of free courses, The Management Development Programme is an invaluable resource, designed to elevate leadership skills to all new levels of excellence.  

The programme covers topics such as: 

  • How best to Inspire and motivate  
  • Handling difficult conversations 
  • The importance of appraisals  
  • Communication and what it takes to be a confident communicator 
  • Recruitment skills  

This completely free resource has been created with subject matter experts at the heart of the process, ensuring that our leaders are well positioned to continue their own development, and the progress of their teams.

The programme is further supplemented by sessions including: 

  • Coaching for Success 
  • Influencing Others  
  • The Essential Negotiator 
  • Powerful Presentations  
  • Finance for non-Financial Managers 
  • Leading Meetings 
  • Public Speaking 
  • My Personal Brand 

This is only the beginning, and we will continue to explore and innovative ways to create opportunities to develop careers at Identity.   Leaders at all levels need to be confident people developers. Vision is a key component of leadership, and our leaders need to have great vision for their teams to inspire progression. We encourage our leaders to be effective in their role, fostering a culture that promotes engagement and inclusivity, as well as living our company values. If you would like to take your career to the next level and learn how to be an effective leader in an exciting, fast-paced industry, get in touch about our vacancies!