The road to COP28 UAE

Identity partnered with Mubadala one of the highest profile and respected sovereign wealth funds of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to deliver their pavilion located in the Decarbonisation area of the Green Zone at COP28.  Mubadala’s significant presence at COP28 was pivotal to their continued support of a sustainable future. With the opportunity to showcase their successes across multiple platforms, they requested a highly creative solution to their COP28 offering – memorable, meaningful, impactful & sustainable. 

The challenge  

The client brief outline the requirement to deliver a sustainable event Pavilion design & Activations complimented by immersive interactive showcases using natural materials, ensuring the showcase venues are sustainable with reusable assets post event. All installations and furniture must be repurposed and re-used after the event – either through installation in Mubadala offices or donation to charity, schools, universities, or repurposed for other events – rental of existing structures was considered key for sustainability purposes 

The event’s sustainability footprint extended to the all-digital creations which were required to be re-usable at Mubadala offices and future events. Our brief was to ensure all interior design, art and technology elements within the Mubadala showcase spaces were re-usable and repurposed either for donation or for permanent installation in Mubadala offices. Also included as part of our response were details of the sustainable materials proposed, sustainable best practices Identity follow, sustainable supply and value chain, and the Identity methodology for creating a net zero experiential showcase space.  

A key element of the pavilion design was the requirement to showcase Mubadala portfolio company brands CEPSA, Yahsat, Strata, Tabreed, Tata renewables, Masdar City to showcase the decarbonisation, energy transition, and innovative climate solutions themes 

The solution 

Identity’s Future Forest response ensured we oversaw all operational aspects of the Mubadala sectors in both the green (and blue) zone for the duration of COP28. The 450sqm pavilion showcase spaces featured interactive and engaging display for Mubadala Foundation partners (Emirates Nature WWF, MBZ Nature Fund & Khalifa University climate research) alongside shared meeting rooms and cross functional areas for shared activations.  

Identity conceived and designed an immersive, engaging journey through a stunning physical environment, a real living rainforest, rich with growth which then evolves into a breath-taking digital forest containing twelve zones full of content and surprising experiential moments. Attendees and delegates could select a journey to navigate, whilst using the dwell spaces to pause, listen and make connections. Our creative and environmental designs highlighted socio-economic growth and Mubadala’s focus on fostering and contributing to Abu Dhabi’s transformation into a globally recognised and diversified economy. 

The shared common / reception space catered for open events/ and gatherings and welcomed schools and university competitions, Mubadala Youth activations in the middle of all the portfolio company showcase spaces and adjacent to the Mubadala Foundation showcase space to educate the generation in the importance of pledging a commitment to climate change and the initiatives that support them.  


  • 967 Plants used for the stand 100% re-housed 
  • 450sqm Sustainable pavilion build in the Green Zone of COP28 
  • 3 LED Screens 
  • 4 Interactive tables 
  • 3 LED Screens 
  • 1 Meeting room  
  • 1 Majlis 
  • 7 Portfolio Company Pods (with screen and content) 
  • 4 Digital experiences (cultural hub, forest of dreams, area c, interactive tables)

“The production team played a pivotal role in the successful management of the pavilion, showcasing their adept problem-solving skills and efficient coordination according to the established plan. Positive feedback from stakeholders, including NYUAD, Kite, and Mubadala Youth, served as a testament to the team’s competence” 

“…From seeing the renders on the wall in the office to it fully coming to life on-site. Having some truly influential people up on the stage and having audience filled sessions throughout the days. 166 speakers, 49 sessions in 7 days. The stats speak for themselves!” 

“The Creative team were amazing when it came to the renders.  The 3D designs were beautiful” 

“Really pleased with LOT1 – the design of the pavilion, the focus on sustainability.  We stood out as one of the best stands and it was unique (the plan, the design the openness).  The renders that we were presented with really came to life, thanks to that vision and design that we got this amazing event stand that came to reality.”