The Athena Challenge

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The Athena Challenge is an online digital platform designed to excite and engage, early-stage potential recruits for the Royal Navy.

Designed by IDENTITY to provide a fun and interactive experience of what life could be like, it shows users they may already have some skills and competencies that are relevant for a career in the Royal Navy.

Grounded in contemporary audience research The Athena Challenge’s Avatar builder was designed to directly appeal to a diverse audience particularly Female and Ethnic Minorities, whilst still attracting the Core audience through a series of gamified tasks.

Athena challenge animated logo

Key facts

Increase diversity in applicants.

Dispel myths about careers in the Royal Navy.

Allow users to see themselves in the Royal Navy.

Athena gameplay screenshots
Athena gameplay screenshots
Athena game play screen shots
Athena gameplay screenshots
Athena gameplay screenshots

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