An artistic image in which a young woman sits next to a computer screen depicting a sculpture to represent AI in events

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in events the next logical step when it comes to creating human-centric event experiences?

In the immersive world of event and experience design, Identity stands as a storyteller, crafting moments that matter. We champion human connections, where every event isn’t just an occasion but a living, breathing story. Technology isn’t an outsider; it’s a trusted partner, enriching blended experiences that truly resonate with our audiences. One such tool is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in particular its use in generating images, words, and analysing data. 

How we use Artificial Intelligence in event management and production

Generative AI for events

Generative AI is becoming an integral part of our everyday toolkit, bolstering our creative and production processes. Yet, like any tool, its potential for good is balanced by inherent challenges. Enthusiasm and scepticism shape our approach to emerging technology and as we experiment and explore AI, our discussion isn’t binary but a spectrum of beliefs within our creative ecosystem. 

At Identity, ideas unfold organically, and generative AI is just one of many tools we use to bring concepts into reality. Within our creative studio and digital team, diverse views on generative AI technologies have emerged. On one hand we see AI tools as an affront to artistry, expressing concern over transparency in model training.

Conversely, we also see how easy it is to seamlessly integrate generative AI into our daily workflow. This mix of perspectives has become a significant factor in our tool selection, steering us toward platforms that resonate with our commitment to transparency and creativity for our clients. 

Human-in-the-loop as standard 

Thoughtful solutions require a people-focused approach and as with any new technology, careful consideration of how and when it’s used. We’re mindful of ethical considerations when engaging with emerging technologies and the role of real people in compliance and continuous improvement.

As a diverse agency, we vigilantly address biases, ensuring our generative tools undergo thorough checks for fairness and inclusivity and our tools are trained responsibly, drawing from datasets that avoid stepping on copyright toes. Our ‘human-centred’ ethos isn’t just meticulous; it’s how we craft narratives true to the varied human experience. It’s not only cross-checking facts against ‘hallucinations’; it’s ensuring every detail is spot-on, from counting fingers and toes, to using additional tools to analyse data. 

We’re aware of biases in training sets, and we take the time to sift through and ensure our stories are authentic and don’t perpetuate stereotypes. It’s a balancing act between creativity and scrutiny, resulting in experiences that not only wow but also resonate with very real and diverse audiences. 

It’s not just pretty pixels 

Generative AI’s role extends beyond the spotlight and facilitates creativity across all roles and workstreams, from visual ideation to process design, Creative Director to Project Coordinator. These tools streamline production, summarising documents, transcribing and translating video files, and indexing learning databases. Social media monitoring and audience management tools, coupled with post-event analytics, deliver meaningful metrics for our clients.  

AI generated image of woman using a computer

Regulation, security, and safe deployment 

In the expanding landscape of AI tools, legal, regulatory, and security compliance is paramount. Questions around data privacy, intellectual property, and accountability have gained significance as our understanding of AI’s impact grows. Legal frameworks struggle to keep pace, with issues like bias and copyright prompting calls for comprehensive regulations.

Security and data sovereignty is crucial. Balancing innovation and safeguarding against ethical and security pitfalls remains a challenge, underscoring the need for robust legal frameworks and proactive security measures.  

Enhancing human experiences – keeping it real 

From the pixels on our screens to the code we write, it’s all about partnering with our clients on a creative journey that’s always evolving. New and emerging technology like AI enhances our ability to deliver truly human experiences in increasingly effective ways. It supports our drive to shape world-class events that resonate with our diverse audiences across both in-person and online touchpoints. 

The future of events with artificial intelligence

This is an open invitation; join us on a journey where human stories, creativity, and technology come together to create experiences that linger in the hearts of those who step into our worlds. 

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