An event that sparked a media frenzy! While excited spectators travelled from far and wide, we worked behind the scenes to deliver the first Coronation seen in 70 years. It was an incredible journey, giving us invaluable experience. The project was multi-faceted, revealing that our meticulous planning and execution can benefit all our clients, whether their events are small, large, local or even global. Our adaptability and flexibility ensures the delivery of the very best events, regardless of scale.

Camera filming Buckingham palace

It’s all in the delivery

At the heart of our Coronation delivery was collaboration and strong relationships with clients, supply partners, agencies and more. We organised and orchestrated rehearsals for thousands of military personnel participating in the ceremonial procession. Inside Westminster Abbey, we supported 2,000 guests, including heads of state, political leaders and community and charity workers while also collaborating with national media outlets covering the event.

Over a hundred thousand spectators from the UK and beyond arrived in London to celebrate this royal occasion lining the procession route, with many camping out overnight to secure front-row seats. Our responsibility extended to crowd management and infrastructure to ensure the welfare and safety of everyone there, which also included health and safety professionals and a security and stewarding team of 7,500 individuals.

In line with the King’s commitment to make it a Coronation for all to enjoy, we provided the largest-ever range of facilities at a one-day public UK event, ensuring the event was both inclusive and accessible with areas such as one provided by the British Sign Language interpreters and ‘Quiet Space’ environments to support the needs of neurodiverse audiences.

Sustainability Promises

Throughout the event’s diverse elements, sustainability remained a core focus. We worked collaboratively and innovatively with our partners, suppliers and clients to implement and encourage sustainable event practices, such as installing free water refills to reduce single-use plastic – even 98% of the signs we created and used across the event were recyclable.

Identity team working at the King's Coronation
Two Identity crew at the King's Coronation

Another remarkable feature of the day, alongside the military procession and the Gold State Coach, was the dressing of iconic London landmarks, featuring Sir Jony Ive’s Coronation emblem. Our production team skilfully adorned historical buildings like the National Gallery, Admiralty Arch, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall and the live night-time projection on Big Ben. To protect the architecture, we created temporary structures, façades, projections, and scaffolding.

Positive Impacts

We joined forces with charities, including INSPIRE, schools and local organisations in and around London to provide work experience on our delivery of the Coronation to young people from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. This initiative provided an introduction to the exciting careers available within the events industry. The opportunity to work on a high-profile project equipped participants with the skills, knowledge and inspiration to prepare for future success. For our team, it introduced them to fresh talent who we engaged to work with us on a corporate summer event and discovered new and creative ideas to integrate into our agency and client projects.

The Coronation was just one of many highlights of our year, achieving resounding success and watched by millions worldwide. Through close collaboration with our client, supply partners, and numerous stakeholders, we delivered an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

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