In the expansive landscape of large-scale events, sustainability has become a critical focus within the industry, and Identity leads the charge with its pioneering sustainable solutions. We caught up with Darren Le Poidevin, one of our resident creative directors, to explore sustainable considerations from a creative perspective. Drawing from his expertise and insights gained from COP26 in Glasgow and COP28 in Dubai, Darren sheds light on Identity’s innovative approaches to seamlessly integrate sustainability into every project.

The role of creativity in event planning and sustainability

Central to Identity’s ethos is the understanding that creativity is paramount in driving sustainability in event planning. By harnessing creativity, Identity not only captivates audiences but also champions sustainable storytelling, extending beyond the event itself to inspire change through campaign initiatives, visual identities, and tone of voice. 

These efforts not only cultivate project success but also define sustainable awareness as one of the core pillars, fostering mindfulness among project teams and delivery partners, thereby sparking a broader shift towards sustainable practices, beyond the events lifecycle.

Reusable event technologies

At the heart of Identity’s design philosophy lies a commitment to a clean, minimalist aesthetic. We create impactful focal points that foster connections within the event environment while minimising material usage. Leveraging innovative and emerging green event technologies, including reusable solutions such as LED screens, projection, and audiovisual hardware, we enhance narratives while showcasing that sustainability doesn’t compromise quality.

Environmentally conscious materials

In an industry historically criticised for its environmental footprint, Identity stands as a pioneer of change. Recognising the importance of fostering human connection, we are committed to sustainable event practices, driving positive outcomes for events and industry communities alike. Through ongoing exploration of responsibly sourced materials and understanding material lifecycles, Identity consistently delivers authentic and premium results in every detail.

Ensuring a positive impact globally

Our international reach enables us to incorporate local influences, fostering a holistic approach that integrates artist installations and community engagement to convey cultural stories and unique perspectives. This contemporary celebration of craftsmanship highlights the distinctiveness of each country or region, inspiring a localised twist to a global brand or event presence. 

Socially responsible events

Inclusive design is fundamental to Identity’s sustainable delivery approach. From adhering to building regulations to thoughtful considerations such as font selection and digital readability, every aspect of an Identity event is meticulously crafted to ensure accessibility for all attendees. Language options and personalisation further enhance inclusivity, guaranteeing that events are welcoming and accommodating to diverse audiences during interactions or conference sessions. 

Creative, large-scale event management

Identity’s innovative event planning not only showcases the power of creativity in driving sustainability but also underscores the importance of inclusivity and community engagement. By reimagining events as platforms for sustainable storytelling and fostering meaningful connections, Identity is paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future for large-scale events. 

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About the author

Darren Le Poidevin, is a creative Director at Identity. Darren brings a wealth of experience in delivering events and environments for global brands across diverse industries, including luxury, fashion, telecommunications, technology, defence and energy.  

Darren Le Poidevin Headshot

His career encompasses delivery of global projects which embrace the cultural nuances of each region, enhancing project creativity and delivery, establishing him as a trusted creative leader. In recent years, Darren has led innovative projects with a strong focus on sustainability, notably shaping the creative delivery of events such as G7 Cornwall, COP26 in Glasgow, UK, and COP28 in Dubai, UAE. Through his leadership and close collaboration with Identity’s wider delivery team members, Darren’s creative contributions have consistently set new standards for responsible event delivery.