Identity is The Human Experience Agency. We take people on a journey through storytelling with purpose, creating inspiring moments, epic experiences and positive impact for generations to come. Our mission is simple: ​”To deliver the world’s (best) events”.

Our high performing global, full-service agency is internationally recognised for our quality execution, creative excellence and financial performance. From our global office network in the UK and Middle East, our team can blend the finest strategic and creative thinking with first class technical production capabilities. 

Why choose Identity?

  • Over twenty years of expertise in global event management, consistently meeting the highest standards ​ 
  • Full-service capabilities under one roof, driven by best-in-class project management and robust processes​​ 
  • A team of 150+ dedicated professionals, supported by a global network of trusted suppliers​ 
  • Industry-leading commitment to sustainability
  • Exemplary customer-experience skills
  • Experts in creating truly immersive memorable events across physical and digital
  • A focus on people-first strategies, utilising data tracking and analysis to optimise returns for our clients

World-class technical production expertise: setting industry standards

Identity use the knowledge and expertise gained from delivering some of the largest and most important global events in today’s market to ensure the successful delivery of all our client’s events. Our World class technical and production teams use their knowledge and understanding of what’s involved in delivering impeccable events to navigate the challenges that need to be overcome. From managing multiple stakeholder groups to deploying industry recognised H&S and sustainability professionals to meet agree KPI’s we leverage our supply chain and financial buying power to achieve viable and rewarding results.

Our approach to project delivery: seamless collaboration for success

At identity, we employ a multi-disciplinary approach let by seasoned Project Leads, supported by specialised teams across project management, production, digital, and creative fields. Each project benefits from clear roles and responsibilities, ensuring seamless coordination and consistent quality from start to finish.

Production management excellence: elevating events to new heights

Our Production team excels in technical production and infrastructure builds, boasting a track record of success in delivering world-class events. With a focus on… 

  • A deep understanding of end-to-end technical production and infrastructure complexities 
  • World-class technical production expertise, skills and capacity 
  • In-house technical and infrastructure production teams 
  • Seamless integration of media and broadcast technology  
  • Specialist technical, manufacturing, health and safety and subcontractor partners 
  • Global network of trusted suppliers 
  • A one-team mindset, driving collaboration internally and externally  
  • Positive and proactive safety-first culture 
  • Unwavering attention to detail  
  • Agile, flexible and robust approach to planning across  
    multi-year contracts 
  • Stringent financial controls, supplier selection and procurement processes 

Designing for impact: transforming ideas into reality

Our in-house creative studio collaborates closely with clients to bring their visions to life, prioritising feasibility and budget considerations. By embracing circular design principles and reusable assets, we maximise ROI while minimising waste.  

The creative team shape creative concepts informed by audience insight and client objectives. At Identity we combine creativity with innovative ways to embed technology to deliver a connected approach using storytelling to drive successful, meaningful and creative human experiences to connect the audience both locally and globally. Members of the innovation and creative technology teamwork with clients to make recommendations on how the emotional power of immersive tech-enabled experiences can be woven into their events to elevate human connections, inspire awe and ignite new brand perception.

Production management excellence: elevating engagement with seamless solutions

Our technical production services cover the full spectrum of production management services ensuring seamless media integration and audience engagement. Specialisms range from full host-broadcast facilitating transmission on major networks, live streaming and virtual participation supported by temporary ICT fibre networks. We are highly experienced in providing full media infrastructure whether that is provision of studio spaces, stand-upper positions, media centres equipped with working spaces and connectivity or supply of recorded content to media and press. We define ways to deliver our clients requirements safely with quality solutions that provide the optimum value for money. 

Building sustainable futures: creating impact beyond the event

Identity has a full certified global network of proven set and stand builders, technical and infrastructure equipment suppliers, ensuring we can deliver globally, regionally and locally at a level that provides you optimum value for money. For any build we focus on using sustainable materials and stock items where possible and for any items which cannot be returned to stock, we work with our sustainability partner Event Cycle to donate these two communities locally to where our events are held. 


Experience Strategy

Informed by behavioural economics and brand-planning processes.

  • Audience insights
  • Granular segmentation
  • Data & analytics
  • User need-states
  • Journey mapping

Full-service Delivery

Project management and end-to-end experience design and build across both physical and digital platforms.

  • Exceptional project management
  • 3D design & visualisation
  • Graphic design & art working
  • Content production
  • Technical logistics
  • Fabrication

Concept Development

Blending creative ideation with technological innovation.

  • Driven by design
  • Mapping & exploration
  • Visual direction
  • Creative technology
  • Prototyping

Experience Measurability

Track experience effectiveness across channels and time.

  • Critical metrics and KPIs
  • Data capture & analytics
  • Digital dashboards
  • Hardware & software
  • Evaluation
  • Continuous improvement

We would welcome the opportunity to get together and discuss how we can help you or the event you are planning. Contact us today to start your journey.

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