Royal Naval Reserves

Virtual Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) Experience


To educate and engage key target audiences about a part-time career in the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR).

Client testimonial:

“The team at Identity provided the Maritime Reserve with a state-of-the-art solution for virtual recruitment when the Covid-19 pandemic threatened to stop recruitment in its tracks. Every aspect and requirement were analysed, and a high-quality product was delivered from start to finish”. 

Lieutenant Commander Guy Richards

What we did:

Following on from the success of the Recruitment Event Virtual Solutions (REVS) Series 1, the Royal Naval Reserves have continued their recruitment strategy in the virtual format.

Identity have been working very closely with the RNR over the last 12 months to deliver a jam-packed series, with specific events dedicated to each RNR Unit across the nation, as well as the Royal Marines Reserve (RMR).

2020 saw 29 virtual events successfully delivered, composed of a blend of fresh content streams and re-streams of existing event footage. This approach maximised the impact of the content and overcame the barriers multiple lockdowns presented to capturing new footage.


How we did it:

All events took place on a bespoke digital platform. While attendees watched the event unfold, they could also speak to a serving Reservist via the online chat function built-in to the platform.

The flexibility of speaking to Reservists, at any point during the event, proved to be a winning formula. The platform, built with a user-first approach, meant that the event was suitable to someone brand new to the RNR or in the process of finalising their application and wanting guidance on next steps.

During the events, in addition to covering how a Royal Naval Reservist goes beyond the everyday every day, we highlighted key benefits of joining, such as: pay, world-class training, global travel and adventure opportunities. The platform allowed future recruits to ask questions in an informal and relaxed setting, where there was no added pressure to take any particular action.


What was achieved:

  • 29 total events delivered
  • 4871 event registrations
  • 1531 total peak views*
  • 43% registration to peak view
  • 475 individuals using the direct chat functionality
  • 626** total clicks registering interest in a career in the RNR

* Peak views meaning the maximum number of attendees on the platform at one time.

** We understand that making the decision to join the forces, even on a part-time basis, is not made overnight. Depending on where the attendee is in their application, this could be their first experience of the RNR. Overtime, we expect to see an increase in the number of applications made following on from attendance at a virtual event, with the event whetting appetites to not do the everyday, every day.

Identity reflection:

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved, despite a year not only riddled with challenges, but the landscape of an ever-changing event. The REVS series was originally envisioned as a contingency to replace cancelled physical event activity during the pandemic but has since become a staple in the Royal Navy and Royal Naval Reserve’s events arsenal that they wish to continue and build upon.

 Next steps:

Now that the 2020 series of events have wrapped up, we are already planning the sequel. Armed with learnings throughout 2020’s delivery, we are in the best position to make the virtual events even better. We are very much looking forward to capturing new and exciting content with the RNR and getting back into the studio with our presenters, interviewees, and team to make more memorable experiences for the audience!