GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland Campaign

GREAT Fashion for Climate Action

Sustainable Fashion Show, Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow, 9th November 2021

The GREAT Fashion for Climate Action took place at COP26, exhibiting the UK’s commitment to climate change through fashion innovation. In a wide-ranging display of UK innovation, a cross-section of designers and brands came together to showcase how the fashion sector is making a contribution to sustainability and climate goals, and to act as a spur to action for other sectors and consumers, by showing what can be achieved.

The UK’s flagship international marketing campaign, GREAT, encourages the world to ‘see things differently’. The event, a partnership between GREAT and the British Fashion Council, included presentations, speeches by industry figures, interactive installations, and a canapé reception. Participating brands, including Burberry, Helen Kirkum, Mother of Pearl, Mulberry, Phoebe English, Priya Ahluwalia and Stella McCartney, demonstrated far-ranging action, from infinitely recyclable clothing to progress towards carbon neutrality.


Identity was GREAT’s creative events production partner for this significant and unique event, working closely with GREAT in their partnership with the British Fashion Council, to ensure all elements of delivery would underpin the event in its objectives to bring together an exclusive audience to showcase a sustainable fashion show during COP26 and spark conversations about climate; and the creation of an impressive in-person experience for the distinguished guests at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Identity provided technical production, graphics, design and build, logistics (transport, install, dismantle) and installation/technical staffing. As a production partner for the whole COP26 conference, Identity was able to ensure a seamless and holistic fit with the wider objectives and look and feel of COP26, and to ensure against any bottlenecks or supply chain restrictions. Identity also creatively utilised local supplier networks, helping to support the local economy and contribute to the ongoing development of the local supply chain.


The event was very successful in showcasing the UK’s commitment to climate action through fashion innovation. It was recognised as a ‘huge opportunity’ among participants, with attendance from a wide range of major brands and key VIP speakers, and a video message from the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, saying that it was “brilliant to see these British fashion brands innovating and leading the industry towards a greener future”. The event – and its key messages and photo images – was covered positively by a wide range of national, international and trade press.

“We are pleased to be able to showcase our work and methods as part of the COP26 conference. The fashion sector has a huge opportunity to be contributing to healthier less extractive systems.” – Phoebe English

“Burberry is thrilled to contribute to the GREAT showcase, which demonstrates how impactful collective action can be. It is essential for the fashion industry to use its influence by investing in more sustainable solutions and we sincerely hope that other businesses feel inspired to take action and make a positive change.” – Pam Batty, VP Corporate Responsibility, Burberry