A Proud History

Sportradar is a global leader in delivering sports data and content to media companies, sports federations and the betting industry, employing over 2,000 people in more than 30 locations around the world. The company’s rapid growth is driven by technological innovation and a deep understanding of their clients’ business needs. Sportradar’s commitment to excellent service, quality and reliability makes them trusted partners to more than 1,000 companies in over 80 countries and they occupy a unique position at the intersection of the sports, media and betting industries.

Identity began forming a close relationship with Sportradar beginning in 2018, when we successfully won the tender to design and build their exhibition stand for ICE London, the global gaming hub for B2B industry experts.

“Our relationship with the Sportradar team is tremendously important to us. Over the past three years of working together, there is a clear, almost symbiotic connection between the growing scale of projects we have strategised, designed and built for Sportradar, alongside Identity’s own massive growth as a business and industry leader in that time. It’s a journey of which we are incredibly proud.” – Michael Gietzen, Group Managing Director, Identity.

Relationship & Milestones

Our journey together began at ICE London 2018. Since its founding in 2001, Betradar, a sub-brand of the parent company, has developed into a key player in the sport betting industry. The Betradar stand was fully designed, built and installed by Identity, measuring an impressive 324sqm over two decks, which at the time was the largest exhibition build on Identity’s books.

The stand featured an eye-catching 20sqm wall, along with 37 displays and product demonstration screens. Four private meeting rooms were in use across the three days as well as meeting areas and two bars for visitors to enjoy and network.

After this successful delivery at ICE London 2018, Identity quickly began to establish itself as Sportradar’s global events partner. This was largely due to our ability to remain agile and pivot to meet the demands of a fast-paced and reactive industry, with a diverse range of challenges to overcome from region to region.

Global delivery at scale

In 2019, we created our dedicated Identity iGaming team which boasted a cohort of industry experts to lead the creative journey and logistical planning for a number of events globally. This resulted in delivering over 12 exhibition stands for Sportradar across almost every continent of the world. We grew into the perfect one-stop shop for the client for their event and exhibition needs, which included creative direction, digital integration, design and build.

This growth was evidenced within Betradar’s presence at ICE London 2019, which saw their footprint grow significantly to help accommodate the vast number of pre-arranged meetings. The 2019 stand again spanned two floors which occupied a huge 675msq of total space featuring 24 demo stations and six private meeting zones, all of which helped to ensure the event was a success.

Most impressively, this stand was fully constructed and show-ready within six days. A hugely remarkable turnaround time, given its considerable size.

“I’ve been working closely with Sportradar since 2019 and it has been great to build such a strong relationship with the team. Their dedication to events and exhibitions is evident in many ways, with clear objectives in mind. They are receptive to new innovation, ideas and creative and always want to be seen at the cutting edge of the market. This approach, built on the foundations of a great relationship, is what makes Sportradar far more than just another client we work with.” – Sam Southon, Client Services Manager, Identity

The Journey Continues

In 2020, Sportradar partnered with Identity to deliver the Betradar stand at ICE London for the third year in succession. Maximising sustainability and minimising environmental impact were key priorities and many of the structural fixtures and fittings were repurposed from the 2019 build.

Adorning the walls of the ground floor were a variety of jerseys and sporting memorabilia. Cutting-edge terminals provided access to interactive demos of the various Betradar products and services. The stand featured two refreshment bars, one on each floor, which helped keep all of Betradar’s valued guests hydrated and relaxed.

Multiple private meeting rooms were installed on the second floor, all benefitting from sound-proofing and full table-to-TV integrated connectivity. A putting green was also installed; accessible through the CEO’s private office, this provided an engaging, relevant activation overlooking the rest of the exhibition hall.

One of the biggest developments and catalysts for change at ICE London 2020 was the utilisation of analytics and mapping to inform a data-driven approach to maximise the ROI of every piece of real estate. This data, obtained via tracking beacons from the 2019 event, provided us with a deep dive understanding of visitor flow, dwell time and hot spots, which allowed us to strategically position various key elements and demonstration areas on the stand to better market these products and maximise engagement. This approach demonstrably improved results and will again be the premise of design rationale for 2021.

Sportradar’s journey of growth is evident across the three flagship events Identity have delivered for them in recent years, getting bigger and better each time. With a requirement for an increase in meeting spaces on the stand year-on-year, Sportradar have been able to facilitate more meetings and meaningful conversations, ultimately leading to more sales.

Moreover, as part of this journey Identity’s iGaming team have become industry experts and know both the Sportradar and Betradar brands inside and out, leading to continuous improvement in alignment and brand deployment across the globe.

“Identity is the partner you want to have by your side. Solution focused, hands-on, proactive thinkers and one hundred percent reliable. Even when it gets tricky, Identity makes your challenge theirs and resolve it for you in an unagitated manner, no matter on which continent. Experiencing their way of working and the friendly relationship are the reasons Identity is our trusted partner for years now and if feels like they are part of your company.” – Global Marketing Manager, Sportradar