As we gear up for another busy year in events, we wanted to take the opportunity to look back over the last year at what we’ve achieved for both our clients and here at Identity. 

Get to know us a little better with these 7 interesting facts about our year in events

1. We’ve delivered events in over 120 countries

As a team, we’ve delivered events in over 120 countries. This includes the UK, Dubai, Egypt, France and Singapore, to name a few. As a global live events agency, we’re adept at delivering world-class events that cater to diverse audiences through creative storytelling

We have offices in the UK and the Middle East, with international teams that blend strategic and creative thinking with innovative production.

2. We organised 12,000 fireworks and 600 drones for London NYE

We installed over 430 show lights at the London Eye site on New Years Eve, all of which were deployed and set up between 4pm and 10pm that night! 

Over 100,000 people gathered to watch more than 12,000 fireworks and 600 drones that brought the London skyline to life!

Seeing in a new year, connecting strangers and telling stories through drone technology, lighting, music, and pyrotechnics.

London Eye New Year Fireworks

3. We achieved a 97% reduction in Scope 1 emissions since 2021

Environmentally sustainable events were a big focus for us in 2023, as we strive to drastically reduce our environmental impact for our own business and for our clients. For example, we’ve achieved a 97% reduction in Scope 1 emissions since 2021.

Using a battery powered generator for a UK leading management consultancy summer event resulted in a saving of 1,200L of fuel, which equates to £2,196 saved. 

We’ve committed to reducing our absolute scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieving Net Zero GHG emissions by 2050 for our business operations and event deliveries.

Find out more about our goals as a sustainable events agency.

4. We helped secure sustainable event management certification for 2x high profile events

We’ve recently helped secure Sustainable Events Management ISO 20121 certification for two major high profile events in the UK and the Middle East. This certification helps events achieve the same outcome with minimal negative impacts on the environment, communities and local economy.

Now we’re working towards PAS 2060 carbon neutrality.

5. We were chosen from 17 other companies to design the COP28 logo

Did you know that we create branding for some of the biggest global events?

COP28 required accessible branding that reflects the urgency and opportunity of tackling climate change. We were selected from 17 companies in a competitive pitch to deliver on this.

The chosen COP28 logo highlights the beauty found on our planet. The collection of diverse icons, from people and renewable energy technologies to wildlife and nature, represents the wealth of humanity’s natural and technological resources, and emphasises the need for innovation across all sectors to drive inclusive and transformational climate action.

Get in touch to find out what we could do for you.

COP28 logo

6. We have over 350 years of event experience

As a team, we have over 350 years of combined event experience. That’s 350 years of hard work, agility, strategic know-how and creative nuance!
Meet the events team to learn more about us.

7. We walked 51,000 steps in one shift!

The highest step count for one shift came in at a whopping 51k! Hopefully that gives you a little sneak peek into what goes into producing and delivering our flagship events around the world. 

So, that’s it folks – our year wrapped up into 7 fun facts. 2023 was a year of championing sustainability, delivering on major projects and facilitating human connection across the globe.

Big things are coming in 2024!