Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)

Artificial Intelligence Safety Summit

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology and The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office reached out to Identity to deliver the digital elements for the UK’s first global AI Safety Summit.  

Held at the historic Bletchley Park, the summit inspired action on the responsible development of frontier AI. Uniting technology providers, researchers, civil society groups, and leading AI nations, the summit pioneered a coordinated approach to agreeing the safety parameters for furthering global AI. 

The challenge 

Identity was asked to build a custom microsite for three separate livestream sessions.  

It was stipulated that the site would undergo live changes and updates during the event, and the client requested a limited access function within the microsite for media personnel to download any content.  

The site needed to remain live for 12 months after the event, and act as a resource hub with embedded X feeds and linked policies.  

The solution 

Identity’s Digital team developed a bespoke microsite through WordPress to host the livestreams, which included the Prime Minister’s Press Conference, and pre-recorded speeches from King Charles III.  

We populated the site with YouTube videos of the sessions that were viewed by more than 5000 users. Our digital team included non-public functions on the site through the integration of hidden pages that were exclusively for media personnel.  

Identity worked in close collaboration with DSIT and the FCDO to ensure the safe and secure delivery of all technical and digital operations. We liaised with consultants and security agencies to deploy an onsite Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC). Our Cyber Security Lead and IT & Data Security Manager ensured the infrastructure and deliverables met our best-practice standards. The team worked extensively to monitor and mitigate risk and security instances, including social media and network traffic before, during, and after the event. 

We were available to update the site as required during the summit, and for the 12 months after the event, monthly updates were implemented to ensure that the site remained live, functional and secure.  

The result 

Identity facilitated the build and delivery of a bespoke microsite that was completely secure and accessible. During the two-day event the site successfully reached over 15,200 users from more than 100 countries, supporting the delivery of a truly global conversation about the necessary steps required to safely develop frontier AI.