Royal Air Force

RAF World

RAF World is a real-time multi-zoned virtual recruitment event series that evolved from RAF Access All Areas virtual event designed to engage audiences aged 1624, during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the post-pandemic world, RAF World has continued to impress and attract potential candidates, adding a unique virtual element to the RAF’s in-person recruitment event programme. 

The RAF World virtual airbase comprises three media-rich zones, each one designed and built by Identity’s in-house experiential event production services team. The zones give potential candidates detailed information on different specialisms and were curated to feature priority recruitment roles for the RAF. Situated in an RAF base and in the context of a real-world operation ensuring that the recruitment messaging was conveyed with authenticity.  

This experience offers potential candidates a glimpse into what their working life in the RAF could be like. Users navigate their way through the virtual base on their own, granted unprecedented levels of access to what were previously exclusive and secure environments. This unique feature captures the audience’s attention and maintains their engagement, fully immersing them in the simulated experience. 


Candidates can even engage in conversations with RAF Personnel in eight themed rooms. This feature offers a personalised approach with role-specific, tailored information and establishes a level of interaction rivalling that of in-person events. Clear signposts to the RAF website provide additional routes to valuable information, which further enhances the user experience.  

This virtual environment is an excellent resource to encourage an engaged conversation between the RAF Recruitment Force and potential candidates. RAF World utilises the same touchpoints of a face-to-face event, reimagined through a virtual world. By using a combination of existing and specifically generated content, users can learn about the range of roles and lifestyle benefits available through a career in the RAF. 

Identity also supported the RAF in its promotional efforts and collaborated with other agencies to ensure a cohesive marketing message. We generated significant reach and secured registrations that exceeded expectations, even registering individuals who had not previously considered a career in the forces. 

Additionally, conversion rates of registrants to attendees are significantly higher than the industry average, as well as dwell times and engagement throughout the site, which highlights the real impact that has continued to be achieved through embracing virtual and interactive elements for recruitment purposes.