As 2017 draws to a close, its time to wrap up this busy year and plan for the next one ahead. Many people set themselves New Year resolutions in their personal lives but it’s also worth focusing on your events career too. In this article, Identity takes a look at our top seven New Year’s Resolutions for #eventprofs.

1. Attend More Events

Fully absorb yourself in the event professional’s world by attending many different events and exhibitions (which you aren’t already attending as business) as you can in the new year. You never know where inspiration may strike, so visiting a variety of shows and festivals will provide you with a wealth of experience and fresh ideas in 2018.

A bonus to attending many new events across the year is that they’re fantastic environments for networking with potential clients, suppliers and other eventprofs. It’s often the case of who you know over what you know, so utilise these events to build relationships with possible future leads.

2. Keep Up with Top Technology Trends

As technology plays a huge part in the events industry, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest tech trends, not only hitting the industry but in a domestic setting too. By visiting more shows, these resolutions will go hand-in-ha

nd, but that’s not the only source. Marketing and technology websites and blogs (including our own), are updated regularly with news stories, opinions and interviews on the latest technology trends worldwide so it’s well worth signing up to their email updates to keep you in the know for your next event or pitch.

3. Incorporate Gamification Into Your Events

Gamification is the concept of introducing game mechanics and game design into non-game contexts. By implementing a gaming element into an exhibition stand or live event it’s a fantastic way of increasing footfall, boosting engagement and improving visitor experience. When planning for an event, research into how gamification can be built into your stand design as it is a simple, yet very effective factor in attracting audiences and making your company one to remember at your next event.

4. Make ROI A Main Focus In Your Live Event Planning

A huge amount of time, money and effort is invested when partaking in an event so it’s imperative it produces a return on investment. There are multiple ways of measuring the success of your exhibition stand, including footfall, lead generation and of course new business. At the very beginning of your event planning, set your goals and check in with them throughout the build-up to the show and afterwards. Measure what worked (and what didn’t) and learn to improve for your next event.

5. Stay On Top Of Organisation – Keep it Attainable

We all know that organisation is key when it comes to events. The date cannot move so it’s the ultimate goal to work towards. But leading up to the day it’s imperative to set attainable deadlines to reach, personally and for the wider team. Stay on top of the pressure with mini goals to tick off, making it more manageable to reach and allowing you to ensure every last little bit is achieved and planned for your next event.

6. Reward Yourself (And Your Team) More

There’s no doubt that a lot of hard work and effort goes into making sure everything runs smoothly at your events and for your clients. A lot of late nights and pressure can occur, and it feels amazing when the project is a success – so reward yourself for it!

Make sure hard work is recognised in the team, update your colleagues with an email or a meeting to inform them of the company’s accomplishments. Treat the team to something special or even crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate your completed jobs.

This in turn, will improve productivity and mood of the workplace, ensuring that people’s hard work does not go unnoticed.

7. Use Eco friendly Products

We are all becoming increasingly aware and conscious of the amount of waste produced before, during and after the event. Therefore, a key resolution to carry to the new year would be to use and offer to clients environmentally friendly solutions. Research and incorporate recycled, recyclable and reusable materials to encourage you clients to work at reducing their carbon footprint in 2018.


These are just a few ideas of how to become a first class eventprof in the New Year. Tailor these to fit your requirements, set attainable goals and check in throughout 2018 to see if you’re achieving your resolutions.

From all of us at Identity we wish you a very happy New Year!

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