In this blog, Creative Services Director, Robert Andersen, explores what creative innovation for events means to Identity.

COP28 UAE plenary graphics of a whale

The subject of innovation to most people distils down into three broad topics; updating a product or service, introducing new techniques or establishing successful ideas to create new value. 

When Identity talk about creative innovation it doesn’t always mean finding an excuse to use cutting edge event tech or combining the latest go-to techniques to make events louder or more obviously expensive.

How do you create an innovative event?

To realise the greatest potential to embrace creative innovation centres around making a connection with the audience to improve the human experience at events. One of the pillars to starting successful conversations is storytelling, used to allow the viewer to easily take in complex immersive messaging sequences that resonate, inspire and educate.

Crafting conversations

Starting conversations becomes easier when you can deploy impressive and memorable creative and the starting point for this involves ideation sessions where the Identity creative teams look at client briefs through a creative lens to answer questions including:

  1. How do we connect with the audience?
  2. What is the potential scope and beauty of the creative?
  3. What are the desires and aspirations of the brand?
  4. How innovative can we be with our creative thinking?
  5. How effectively can we weave the creative technology threads through the fabric of the event?
  6. What legacy can we leave the audience?

Sustainability at the centre

Our path to developing innovative creative ideas that are fresh and invigorating (and sometimes challenging to the customers), also has to embrace sustainability which is now ubiquitous in our creative ideation path. Both from a reputational point of view and to meet the responsibilities to our clients and the wider industry, we hone our creative around a set of fundamental beliefs that, when combined, answer the following questions.

  • For the available budget are we delivering this brand the world’s best event?
  • Are we respecting the environment and providing the most sustainable approach with our proposal?
  • Are we leaving a legacy for the attendee, the brand and the event itself?

Engaging with experiential events

The creation of value is a defining characteristic of innovation. To tick the creative innovation box means moving out attention to using more simple and elegant structures that utilise content to bring the immersive element of audience awareness and engagement. Being courageous with the approach to client briefs involves a clear understanding of how to successfully deploy a mix of sustainable materials and the most engaging content to answer the six key points above.

Creative innovations for events – examples from our archives

COP28 UAE Majlis

We developed environments for COP28 that provided us the opportunity to tell multiple stories via the full 360 screen, setting the scene and changing the atmospherics depending on the narrative for each individual event.

Designing simple, contemporary and highly effective environments to display beautiful content and storytelling at an epic scale is a key ingredient for the solutions Identity develop. Key to this is achieving a balance between architectural reverence, digital interactions and human experiences.

It’s also important to embrace creative designs that deliver positive environmental impact, working with our customers to support and instil a confidence to deliver event pavilions that embrace the sustainability path whilst legitimately promoting brands green credentials.

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Author bio

Robert Andersen – Creative Services Director 

Robert is a multi award-winning Creative Services Director with over twenty-five years experience leading creative teams at well-known Global agencies. Roberts knowledge spans organisations from scaling tech start-ups to Global blue chip brands delivering industry recognised, results driven creative solutions. The Identity creative team Robert leads is responsible for developing human experiences that are iconic and innovative that delight customers with truly memorable, dynamic, sustainable and ground-breaking events that deliver tangible, positive outcomes.