Exhibitions often require time and money to see an effective return. So how can you maximise your ROI and justify spending time out of your busy schedule? In this article, Identity explores the key tips that will help ensure you get the most out of your next exhibition.


Booking the right stand space at an exhibition is vital to ensure you have the best visibility and passing footfall. Stand exposure can be limited so if you don’t book the right space quick enough you could risk poor stand location at the event. The best place for a stand is on a corner or at the end of the aisle because you can get passing trade from two angles and more.

Booking your stand early can also lead to being offered good deals from the exhibition organiser. That’s why you should always research in advance to find the next event which could help you increase your brand’s awareness within your industry.


Exhibitors expect a lot from trade shows – it can be a big investment for companies and it can lead to new business, but if you are not well prepared, you could end up being disappointed by the results. It happens to a lot of exhibitors who do not get the sales or footfall they expected and can’t understand why. So, they blame exterior things, not themselves.

Therefore, companies must leave plenty of time for planning, before the exhibition begins. This could include checking you have enough marketing collateral to offer at the show, for example: brochures and leaflets on your product, or company business cards to give out at your stand.


Every contact you have had a meeting with and every visitor to the stand must be monitored right after the show. During the event, keep track of all the detailed information you had from your visitors. Keep their business cards somewhere safe, as things can easily get lost at an exhibition!

After the event, respond to all your contacts and leads in a timely manner. The sooner you follow up with a professional and personalised call or email, the better your chances become at closing the sale!


It’s good practice to encourage your visitors to participate in a prize draw by offering them the chance to win something from your company.

You can collect the competitor’s information by giving out competition slips or asking them to fill out their contact details on a tablet or iPad. A prize draw will not only attract more visitors to your stand but it’s an effective and proven way to capture data.


Trade shows are busy places with a lot of exhibitors competing for the same potential clients. Consequently, you must distinguish yourself from other stands to make sure people visit you before anyone else. That’s where Identity can help, we have more than 20 years experience creating eye-catching and engaging stands to separate clients from their competitors.


At your exhibition stand, it’s important to have the right person or team there to help inform visitors about your company, collect information from potential leads and complete the sale. Your staff should be prepared and know about the company’s recent activities while responding confidently to all the visitor’s questions.


It’s paramount to manage your pre-event marketing strategy to make sure your potential customers are aware of the upcoming event and what your company is offering. The correct marketing plan for your exhibition stand can actually save you money, even after factoring in the initial advertising spend.

Visitors often schedule what they want to see before coming to exhibitions. So it’s important to inform your clients and leads by promoting yourselves on your website and social media pages.

If you need to build you audience, you can increase page likes on your Facebook page by adding content such as blogs or running promotions. Facebook also allows you to create campaigns which target people who have an interest in exhibitions or your industry. This way you can be sure your message will appear before the right people.

In addition, email marketing is a powerful way to communicate with prospects by letting them know where your stand will be located and why they should come and see you. You can even automate your emails to make your life easier!

For more information on how to build a buzz with social media at an exhibition, read our previous blog. If you’re planning to appear at an exhibition and would like find out more about how Identity can help, then please email us at letstalk@identitygroup.co.uk.