Cyber threats are always growing in sophistication. As part of our commitment to our Cyber Essentials Plus certification and to ensure we don’t fall victim to cyber crime, a number of Identity colleagues attended a Cyber Essentials workshop.

Delivered by Andy Rawlinson a Police Cyber Security specialist from the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) and Southern IT Networks, the workshop covered all aspects of cyber crime, from motives, to methods and preventions.

There were a number of salient points taken from the workshop, most notably the rise in ransomware attacks, the importance of sophisticated passwords (13 characters or more) and the need to conduct regular offline backups.

Cyber Essentials Booklet

After the presentations had finished, attendees were involved in a Q&A session to get definitive answers on any areas of cyber security they were unsure with. A quick debrief after the workshop made it clear that a lot was learnt.

The Identity colleagues in attendance are now much better equipped to combat cyber threats and will be sharing their newfound knowledge with the wider business.

Rob Gietzen, Director at Identity said “I’m really pleased with the workshop. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from the Identity team with everyone saying it was worthwhile attending and very informative. We’ve learnt a lot and we’re going to put our newfound knowledge into practice and spread the word among our colleagues, families and friends.”

“It’s alarming just how common these cyber threats are and the damage they can cause, so we have to be vigilant.”