The Identity charity committee recently came up with an adorable new game to raise money for our partner charities – Children with Cancer Fund Polegate and Raystede Animal Welfare Centre.

Identity staff were asked to submit baby photos of themselves for the competition which were then put on a poster in the staff kitchen and across the information screens throughout Identity. 23 baby photos were submitted and put on the posters, as well as the baby photos of three celebrity imposters (who were Amy Winehouse, Robert Pattinson and Adele – which if guessed right would be bonus points).

After donating, candidates were given a competition slip to write down their well thought out guesses. On the 21st September, the winner of Identity’s ‘Guess Who’ Baby Face competition was announced, in first place with an impressive 21 points was Hannah Kernott, close behind in 2nd place was Michaela Da Silva and in third place with 16 points was Paul Tabucan. As her prize, Hannah received an endearing silver spray painted sippy cup trophy filled with jelly babies!

Well done to all the Identity staff members who took part – especially Abbie Jackson who organised the whole competition, made the posters, entry slips and the creatively apt trophy! The competition was definitely a talking point throughout the office over the last week while staff members were making their choices and it was great fun to see who all of the adorable baby faces belonged to at the end, as well as being able to raise money for our chosen charities! We are very excited to see what our next fundraising event is.