It’s just under four months until MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona and it’s among the most exciting tech-focussed events. Featuring a who’s who of tech giants, such as Intel, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Sony, Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei to name a few – MWC is every technology lover’s dream and an event not to be missed.

For those of us involved in the live events space, it’s a unique opportunity to deliver (and see) some truly exceptional things. This year’s MWC saw some ingenious builds and activations, from Nokia’s connected city to Mastercard’s nameless stand and Samsung’s 360 orbit video through to Intel’s smart city wall, there was a lot to engage with.

With MWC 2019 setting such high standards, it begs the question, what can we expect from MWC 2020?

Here’s what we’re excited to see at the next Mobile World Congress…

Sustainability takes the stage

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are huge priorities for many, particularly for live event professionals. There is tremendous potential for environmentally friendly live events and with many blue-chip organisations actively investing in their sustainable credentials, MWC is a fantastic platform to show just how committed they are. Whether it’s harnessing renewable energy, using plant-based ink or investing in reuseable assets – there’s a lot which can positively impact the sustainable merits of an event, stand or tradeshow booth, all without comprising on quality.

Genuinely useful AR & VR

Like 5G, AR (artificial reality) and VR (virtual reality) have certainly had their time in the sun, though not always delivering on the hype. In recent years the capabilities of software and hardware have improved dramatically. This ultimately means AR, VR and MR (mixed reality) are at a point where they’re genuinely useful. MWC provides the perfect platform to showcase these new and innovative technologies and we can’t wait.

Elaborate and interactive lighting

Some of the most engaging and eye-catching exhibition stands and tradeshow booths owe their charm to fantastic lighting designs. In an age where lighting can be controlled by an app on a smartphone, we expect to see some truly elaborate and interactive lighting setups. We love the idea of a stand changing its colour on a daily or even hourly basis to keep things fresh, let’s hope MWC exhibitors feel the same.

Stepping into the future with 5G

It’s hard to find a tech publication or news source that doesn’t mention 5G at least once a week. Given the nature of MWC, using mobile technology is extremely pertinent, so expect to see a huge emphasis on 5G networking. While 5G was a prominent feature at MWC 2019, it’s since undergone rigorous testing and has been launched in multiple cities around the world (though it’s still unavailable to the masses). Make no mistake, 5G is shaping up to be an absolute game changer especially for live events, what better place to demo that than MWC?

Astounding feats of architectural design

Like the aforementioned lighting setups, MWC has the potential to showcase some of the most daring stand and booth designs. The most exciting aspect of stand design is that there are few limitations, creatively speaking. If a designer and organisation are brave enough to stray outside the norm, there’s a huge opportunity for success. This is by no means a guarantee, it’s quite possible to design something that’s completely horrendous, unintuitive and will end up doing more harm than good – nevertheless, it’s always exciting.

Exceptional delegate insight

Big data is here to stay and while it’s not always seen as a positive, it can help event organisers truly understand how delegates and attendees are interacting with exhibitors. Being able to measure and gauge the number of delegates and map their individual journeys has been possible for a while now but improvements to the accuracy of technologies alongside real-time reporting and more detailed insights means that it should be a priority for every exhibitor at MW – hard evidence beats woolly rhetoric and hyperbole any day of the week.

Effortless event check-ins

Checking-in or registering at an event can be a monotonous process. In many cases it’s a question of bringing a printed ticket to scan or worse yet, having a ticket printed at the door – neither of which are in the spirit of sustainability. Thanks to AI (artificial intelligence), there are facial recognition systems which can permit or deny access to an event without the delegate having to lift a finger. Simply looking in the direction of a specialist camera is enough. No desperately trawling through your bag for a printed ticket or searching for that email which says you’re allowed – all of the heavy lifting is done by AI.

Bespoke activations from innovative giants

An event that attracts so many innovative powerhouses to co-exist under one roof can mean it’s not particularly easy to outdo the competition. This means that to truly stand out, the envelope needs to be pushed and pushed rather far. While it’s impossible to know exactly what the various companies will do, it’s always a thrill seeing what they achieve… who knows, it might even be the future of delegate engagement.

There we have it, the things we are looking forward to seeing at MWC 2020 and we’re counting down the days.

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