When you commit to exhibiting, you need to know the reason you are doing it. What are the aims and objectives that you want to achieve from the exhibition?

Knowing ‘why’ gives direction and ensures that all your team’s combined energies are channelled into achieving that single aim. It also helps to identify ideas and activities that support the cause, and to eliminate anything that may distract or confuse your audience.

Exhibition space is an investment and we advocate taking as much as you need and no more. Trying to fill an exhibition space way bigger than you need could be detrimental to the visitor’s perception of your organisation. A shabby-looking big stand is much worse than a well-presented and well-designed smaller exhibition space.


One way to make a real impact with a small exhibition space is to utilise the height as much as possible to increase your presence at the event. Check with the Exhibition Organisers or venue to understand how high you will be allowed to build. In the UK this is normally 4 metres so we would build to this height.

The use of hanging banners above the stand varies from show to show in terms of whether it is allowed at all, and if so, how much it costs. Again, a word with the organisers will establish whether you are permitted to hang banners and/or lighting rigs above the stand. Another way to utilise a small exhibition space is to have dual purpose displays. For example, an interactive pod with a screen on the top and storage space in the base, or a display plinth that houses literature. This will give you space to store both personal effects as well as marketing collateral for the show. A well-designed display should also have a function after the show too – at a showroom or in your company’s reception space.


If you feel that the exhibition space you have available isn’t going to be sufficient for the number of people likely to want to talk to you, most exhibitions will have meeting space available so you can have one-to-ones away from the stand. This will free up the space on the stand that would otherwise be taken up by building semi or fully private seating areas for you to meet important delegates. And if the show doesn’t have this space, head for the nearest restaurant or bar. The cost will be far less than the stand space a meeting room will take up.


A different way to increase brand awareness regardless of the exhibition stand size at an event is show sponsorship. There are usually many different sponsorship opportunities at an event from being the headline sponsor to an advert in the show guide. When you are a headline sponsor your logo is normally placed wherever the event logo is. This means your company will get coverage before as well as during the event at the venue and on any literature and venue branding.

It might be that as a show sponsor, you are granted special privileges such as being the only exhibitors allowed to hang banners above your stand as well as extra space in the entrance or branding opportunities to get your name in the visitor’s minds before they arrive at the show.


It is true to say that at a show, word soon gets out if you are giving away promotional merchandise. So think about what would attract your target audience to your stand.

For public-facing events something with daily usability is always best. Trolley token keyrings, mouse mats and mugs are great examples. If you are at a trade show, try to be in tune with your sector. Think accountants and money boxes, joiners and tape measures (for example). What would remind your clients of what you do? But make sure you don’t just give them away! It is a great opportunity for you to swap contact details so don’t just let people walk off with their freebie – grab their business card at the very least.

If you have a small stand at a show or need something apart from your product to attract visitors, you could always have a professional barista making free coffee. Having a barista has many positives. Apart from the positive smell, look and feel that it fosters, it enables the team on the stand to talk to clients while their drink is made and perhaps even push for a sale.

Activities outside the event are a great way to enhance brand awareness. There are lots of different options available, from branded outdoor structures to giving away promotional merchandise. Not only is this a brand awareness exercise but it can help steer visitor traffic to your stand. We have built juice bars to greet those arriving at an event, to begin the conversation with the delegates before they have even made it through the door. This builds credibility amongst the attendees too.


Most shows will have a seminar programme running and the reflected glory of having one of the speaker slots should not be underestimated. This will add to your status as a sector heavyweight and will bring visitors to your stand to meet the speaker and discuss the chosen subject further.


If you are limited with exhibition space on your stand and you need to demonstrate numerous products, a great way to show these is via a screen. A good way to show your website is via a multimedia touchscreen that lets visitors use your site as well as playing videos and slides. Lighting is also a great way to highlight products, as well as provide your stand with some ambience.

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