Identity are a bespoke design, fabrication and implementation company with more than 20 years of experience in delivering varied projects worldwide within the exhibition industry.

We are often approached by international companies that are exhibiting across Europe who enquire if there are benefits in using a European-based contractor versus an existing local company (in their area) that they are perhaps already working with on local events. Listed below are seven important points that we believe are worth observing when you are making the decision to exhibit in Europe and looking to appoint your stand-building partner.


Simply, picking a design and build company that is near the venue will reduce the amount of miles your exhibition stand has to travel. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint there are also a number of great advantages in knowing the city of the exhibition venue. For example, the best hotels located near the venue, where to eat out, where to get last-minutes supplies, how to get emergency graphics printed, and much more.

Ideally situated in the South East of England, Identity are less than two hours away from both London and Paris, and within easy reach of all the top European cities. We regularly manage projects at all the major venues across the whole of the UK and Europe, which means that we have specialist knowledge both of the venues you will be looking at and very likely recent experience about exhibiting there. Having people on the ground who can give you answers to all the questions you have about a venue or city you’ve never exhibited at before is invaluable.


You should strive to select an exhibition partner that has multilingual project managers. While English remains one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe if you have a diverse European portfolio of venues and countries try and find a partner that can provide you with a project manager that speaks the local language.

At Identity, we understand the need to be able to communicate with everyone in the supply chain when it comes to delivering a project. In our experience, speaking the language gets things done in the most efficient and stress-free way, ensuring a smooth build and ultimately a successful show. At Identity, our project managers speak English, German, French, Spanish, Persian, Polish and Italian.


When exhibiting across Europe it is important to adhere to the often strict health and safety laws of the area that apply to building a temporary structure. It is important that your chosen partner has an understanding of the etiquette and culture of the local event organisers and key suppliers. Choosing an EU-based contractor will ensure the easy movement of goods throughout the different countries across Europe and all of the administration that goes with these customs approvals.

Identity have many years of experience building to these standards, and our team keep up-to-date with new legislation with continual industry-specific training. We also have many international clients who rely on us to ensure that any collateral sent from their home country is processed in the correct way to guarantee a speedy transit through customs and import processes.


Maximise your exhibition stand’s return on investment (ROI) by ensuring that you have considered all opportunities for marketing pre, during and post show. Pick a partner that understands the demographic of the event’s visitors, the venue and the show itself. There will be lots of opportunities to boost your effectiveness at the show, including sponsorships, digital marketing, keynote speaking, technology on the stand, direct mail, competitions and much more.

No-one knows the European events business as well as Identity. Over three decades our formidable team has built up expert-level knowledge on the best ways to exhibit to maximise your ROI. This includes the incorporation of technology into your stand, how to use digital marketing to drive footfall, how to generate strong leads during the show and more. Our reputation for delivering excellence proceeds us and our international clientele takes full advantage of this. If this is your first time exhibiting in Europe we’d be happy to advise on your marketing strategy as part of our overall package.


In addition to your carbon footprint and managing logistics it is a much more cost-effective solution to use a European-based contractor to exhibit in Europe to reduce transportation/shipping costs. It is important to find a partner that is inside the EU and closer to the venues to decrease travel and labour costs.

Top Tip: Ensure that your chosen partner has adequate storage facilities to house your stand and you will be able to reuse it for future shows.

At Identity we have 10,000m² of secure storage in the UK and further storage in France and Germany (and outside of the EU too) that can safely keep your stand and collateral in excellent condition in readiness for your next European show, allowing you to minimise your shipping and handling costs. We can plan and manage your global campaign and can also fit in with existing design and delivery with other contractors that you may have worldwide, ensuring brand cohesion and the maximum return on your marketing budget.


When picking your European partner, try to ensure that they have experience and a proven track record of working both in Europe and within the chosen countries and venues that you are attending. Even better, that they have experience of working at the show that you are attending so that they can share with you their own insider tips and insights.

Because Identity has been designing and building exhibition stands for some 30 years we have worked at many of the best and biggest shows around the world. To date Identity’s project managers have worked in 52 countries worldwide and nearly all of the major European exhibition halls.


It is essential to find an exhibition partner that is using an online project management tool. In this era of emails and easy communication, it is important that this information is centrally stored and managed. By using an online project management tool you can track design amendments, give approval and monitor group correspondence. With many people working on the project it is easy to get lost in the many emails and document revisions – these online tools go a long way to bridging these challenges.

At Identity, we prefer to use Basecamp for our projects, which is free cloud-based online project management software. Within Basecamp you can set to-do lists, track artwork and exhibition stand designs, stay in the loop on correspondence and record the important information about the event and venue.


Whether you are already exhibiting in Europe or looking to do so for the first time, it is essential that you engage the services of an experienced, industry-leading stand design and build team in order to ensure the optimal return on your investment. Identity recognises the importance of quality and assurance, and our project managers will be happy to discuss your requirements. Please contact us today for more information or to discuss your next event in Europe or indeed the rest of the world.

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