With Christmas fast approaching, do you know an event professional who is hard to buy for? (Perhaps it’s you.) Identity is here to take away this worry! We have collated the ultimate Christmas wish list for people in the events industry, with something for everyone, across all budgets, to help you shop with ease this year.

1. The Event Professional’s Handbook

The event professional's handbook cover

This handy book aims to inspire, encourage and guide anyone working in (or thinking about working in) the events industry. Full of contributions from some of the most interesting thinkers and practitioners in the industry today, it’s far more than a “how to” manual. Instead, think of it more as a smorgasbord of event professionals’ thoughts and ideas, designed to whet the appetite, provide a moment of insight or a way of navigating a challenge in a new way.

2. Portable WIFI Router

A portable wifi router

This handy portable WIFI router is a life-saver for the travelling event professional. This compact device is fantastic for travelling purposes, allowing you to carry on with work anywhere without internet, such as the train. It’s also a great device for an exhibition stand for many reasons. Although many exhibition halls offer free WIFI, with huge footfall this can often slow down or disrupt the connection. With a portable WIFI router you can place this on your stand to allow any products or demonstrations which need an internet connection to consistently stay connected. If you also advertise your WIFI at your stand, it’s an effective way of increasing visitors, making it a win-win situation.

3. Presentation Clicker

A black presentation clicker

It’s always best to be prepared with your own equipment when it comes to speeches and presentations. If your chosen eventprof is an active speaker at exhibitions and conferences, then a presentation clicker is a perfect stocking filler. This wireless pointer is helpful for allowing you freedom and movement around the stage, while still using it to highlight details of your talk.

4. Portable Charger

An Anker portable charger

Where would we be without our smartphones? With a portable, external charger, you will benefit from this small device as it will keep your phone alive all day (whichever model you have). And with enough oomph for several charges, you can stay topped up throughout a busy week at shows or on the road travelling to see clients.

5. Travel Pack

A rucksack and travel pack

An event professional will often travel far and wide for their job. A travel pack is a brilliant and personalised present for your chosen one this Christmas, filled with useful daily items to keep them fresh and prepared for meeting clients and appearing at events. Fill up their stocking with travel-sized daily essentials to keep them stocked up for those long journeys and overnight stays.

6. Champagne

Two champagne glasses clinking

One of the best ways to celebrate after a successful event is with a lovely glass of champagne. Treat yourself or your loved one this Christmas to a bottle of champagne to keep for that special occasion and celebrate those victories!

7. Amazon Echo

A grey speaker on a table

Both smart speakers and voice search are key technology trends this year, with Amazon at the forefront with their Echo products. This interactive speaker is great for busy, on-the-go event professionals, as they can simply ask Alexa to plan key meetings, record ideas they may have, ask questions, order products online and of course relax to their favourite music. It’s a versatile product which will help in the office or at home.

8. Espresso Machine

An espresso machine

When work gets busy, a nice hot coffee will do the trick, and an espresso machine is a brilliant present to keep any events professional alert and awake during the day.

It’s also works well as a tool to drive footfall at an exhibition stand. Attendees are looking for places to refuel at an event, so making your stand a pit stop and placing it near some seating is a great tool for encouraging people to stop by your stand and chat about your products and services.

9. Apple Watch 3 Series

A silver smart watch

Another good device for the on-the-go event professional is the Apple Watch 3 Series. This piece of wearable tech means you can access the time and date, messages and emails, calendar dates and notifications, syncing completely to other Apple products for a seamless, quick response for the busy eventprof.

10. GoPro

A GoPro camera

These handy little cameras are fantastic for filming any aspect of your event, such as activities during the day and exhibition stand installs. Coupled with the accessory pack, you can get really creative with how you film and where you place the camera, allowing it to capture footage from many different places around a room. GoPros are built with durability in mind, and with their protective cases can be used in many different conditions, making them the perfect camera for onsite, or out-and-about with your chosen eventprof.

11. Oculus Rift

A black VR headset

Virtual reality has also been a huge trend this year, really taking off in the events industry. It has been an increasingly popular sight to see a VR headset on an exhibition stand, giving visitors a personal, immersive brand experience through a demo, game or brand story. As it becomes more popular in a domestic setting, expect the Oculus Rift team to develop more ways for events professionals to entertain delegates and delight attendees.

12. iPhone X

A hand holding an iphone

If you’re looking to buy a luxury gift for your loved ones this holiday, then look no further. With a full-screen Super Retina display, Face ID and wireless charging, the iPhone X is the ultimate device for a truly immersive smartphone experience to use whilst travelling, in the office and at your next event.


Whether it’s for a stocking filler or a luxury present, there are plenty of gift ideas which you or your chosen event professional would love this Christmas, so treat them to something not only special, but useful too.

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