Remember this frightening image of Arnold Schwarzenegger from 1990? Set in the year 2084, Total Recall was one of the first movies to showcase virtual reality and let’s just say that Arnie’s character, Douglas Quaid, found himself in a particular set of circumstances. One of the most expensive films made at the time of its release, the action flick was praised for its complex visuals and some hailed it as one of the most visually interesting science fiction movies of that period.

So: what’s the connection between Quaid and your exhibition stand? Total Recall demonstrated what film-makers at the time thought would be our reality in 90 years to come – when in fact, the technology itself has catapulted ahead of what we once only dreamed was possible, and it’s happening right now!


The promise of virtual reality has always been enormous. Put these glasses on, stay right where you are and be transported anywhere! Born of technology, virtual reality at its core is an organic experience – yes, it’s man meets machine, but what happens is strictly within the mind.

Imagine 10 years ago trying to envisage the way that we use mobile phones today and what they can do – that’s the promise VR has today. Increasingly we are seeing VR used in different marketing campaigns. Last Christmas, Coca Cola created a virtual reality sleigh ride – the technology was launched across Poland and thousands of people all over the country were immersed in their virtual reality world and became Santa Claus for a day! Although Coca-Cola is one of the most recognisable brands in the world, VR for them and many other marketing agencies solves huge problems in generating engagement and awareness.

At Identity, we are currently working closely with one of our clients to bring VR to life on their roadshow stand. With our modular stand range, we can provide a turnkey solution when it comes to portability whilst still providing our clients with the latest tech.


2016 will be the first year consumers really get their hands on user-friendly VR hardware. With big names like Microsoft and Sony set to release their own headsets this year, the excitement amongst the gaming industry is out-of-this-world. We predict that in the very near term you will see VR incorporated into many aspects of everyday life, including:

  • Architecture
  • Sport
  • Medicine
  • The Arts
  • Entertainment

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