17th December 2019 – Identity has been recognised as the 29th (of 34) organisation to be commit to becoming plastic free and has been presented with a certificate and wooden plaque making it official.

The certificate and plaque were awarded to Identity by Oliver Sterno of Plastic Free Eastbourne in recognition of our initiatives to drive down the use of single-use plastics and improve our overall sustainability.

Since the formation of Identity’s Environmental Committee, there have been significant strides into making the business more sustainable and environmentally friendly, such as investment into recycling facilities, reuseable water bottles for all colleagues and an upcoming car sharing scheme.

Environmental Committee chair, Jo said: “It’s brilliant to receive this award from Plastic Free Eastbourne. Improving our sustainability is an absolute priority for us and while we know there is a lot of work to do, we’re delighted with the progress we have made already.”

After the handover, Oliver commended all involved and delivered an engaging talk to the wider team on the merits of sustainability highlighting the next steps we can take both as individuals and as a collective.

Identity is committed to improving sustainability across the business and reducing its overall carbon footprint with further efforts set to take place in 2020.