Exhibitions are a fantastic way to attract potential clients to your business and create an impact on your target audience. It is therefore crucial to stand out from the crowd, which will in turn generate and increase footfall, making sure your stand is a success.

Here are six fresh ideas to improve your stand and make it the go-to place at your next exhibition!

1. Freebies

Everyone loves a freebie, and exhibitions are no exception. Conventionally, a free pen is the go to freebie idea, but unless that potential client is in desperate need of one, a pen won’t leave much of a lasting impression.

Instead, think outside the box. Think about what people actually want. Provide a freebie which means something more than just a pen. Something as small as branded chocolates can attract the hungry crowd.

Another idea could be a USB memory stick, useful in itself, but could also contain a whitepaper from your company of products featured, or benefits your company could provide a potential client. Start researching and you’ll find a plethora of creative ideas, bigger and better than a pen.

2. Entertainment

Booking an act or performer for your stand can easily draw the eye of your audience. It’s a brilliant way to make your exhibition stand interactive and fun. There’s a few things to consider first, such as venue regulations and the cost of the performance acts, but there’s no doubt about it that entertainment acts will create a buzz around your stand.

Top trends right now are iPad magicians and digital caricaturists, so research your target audience, consider their preferred entertainment style and notice how it makes an impact on your stands footfall.

3. Incentives

Offering incentives can create a win-win situation. By providing incentives such as discounts or free demos, in exchange for a little bit of data can not only generate footfall, but can lead onto further contact to your visitors.

Don’t forget about your existing clients either! Offer them exclusive incentives, or a competition by inviting them to the exhibition. It will improve client loyalty as well as providing more visitors approaching your stand.

4. Technology

As mentioned above, it’s a great idea to make your exhibition stand interactive. There is such a huge range of technology available these days, you can easily turn your stand into a unique experience for your audience.

Again, research what’s on trend, for example: Virtual Reality headsets and iPad stands are a brilliant way to tell your brands story, promote your products, or display the benefits your business can provide your audience. Get creative and fun with your technology usage and produce a hands-on approach and personal experience when at your exhibition stand.

5. Workshops & Seminars

Workshops, seminars and tutorials are a classic yet highly effective method of attracting audiences to your stand. With friendly, engaging and approachable staff presenting well thought out and interesting topics, audiences will be enticed to learn more about you.

Exhibitions can be a noisy place, so make sure your audience size for each seminar or tutorial isn’t too big that it loses engagement. Use a microphone if necessary and use visuals to emphasise your key messages.

Visuals with subtitles or a limited amount of audio is a brilliant way to assist your staff in presentations and to also drive the message home to your audience. It may also attract the eyes of passers-by with engaging imagery and a large screen or projection.

6. Bespoke Stand Design

Above are all ideas of accessories, and activities around your exhibition stand, but one of the most important factors of all is your exhibition stand itself!

A bespoke stand design is exceptional in drawing in audiences and the possibilities and styles are endless. Your stand itself is your first impression, so make sure you get it right. There’s such a huge range of choices available with colours, branding, materials and imagery, your exhibition stand can be tailor made to your ideal concept. Couple this with the right lighting, your exhibition stand will be extremely eye catching and gain huge amounts of attention, generating not only footfall but a huge number of potential leads.


In summary, these are just a few of the fresh ideas there are for adapting and improving your exhibition stand. Applying even just some of these methods will amaze you at how much more attractive and popular your stand can be at your next exhibition.

Here at Identity, we’re experts in the events industry and we’re more than happy to help your brand create your custom built exhibition stand. We’ll work with you closely, applying some of the tips mentioned above to assist and build a top quality stand your competitors will be in awe of. Please email letstalk@identitygroup.co.uk for more information.