A highlight in the motorsport enthusiast’s calendar is the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This year’s event ran from the 4th to the 7th of July and featured three of Identity’s clients; Siemens, Fuse with Waldorf Astoria and Eurotunnel.

Siemens had a considerable presence at Goodwood, largely attributable to its fully functional hydrogen fuel cell which was tasked with charging all of the electric vehicles in the First Glance Paddock.
The most impressive part? The fuel cell only produces heat and pure water when generating power – nothing is introduced into the atmosphere, which means cleaner air.
In addition to the fuel cell, Siemens had a large booth within the exclusive Future Lab which is best known for showcasing many of the technologies of tomorrow. Including an electric vehicle, 3D printed products and a digital twin station, it was certainly unique.
Rounding off the activations at Goodwood was the Siemens Electric Chopper. A unique electric motorcycle which was stationed in the First Glance Paddock, charged by the fuel cell and took part in the famous Goodwood hill climb.

Check out the Siemens Case Study here.

Siemens at FoS

Fuse with Waldorf Astoria
Brand experience agency, Fuse, partnered with Identity to help deliver the Waldorf Astoria stand.
The stand featured multiple elements including a spa, a beautiful living wall and an Aston Martin DB11 complete with Waldorf Astoria branding to remind people to #LiveUnforgettable.
In terms of aesthetic appeal, the Waldorf Astoria stand was as elegant as it was functional. Offering the tens of thousands of attendees a much needed respite from the sweltering heat either through a massage, relaxing in the shade or via a complimentary parasol.

Waldorf and Fuse at FoS

A long-standing client of Identity, Eurotunnel, was present at FoS and its stand featured a DeLorean made famous by the Back to the Future film series.
Everyone that passed by the DeLorean couldn’t help but take a photo and it even came complete with fully working (replica) time travel buttons, switches, noises and flux capacitor!

Eurotunnel at FoS

Honourable mentions…

The Michelin stand was as interesting as it was eye catching. Typically associated with tyres, you could be forgiven for thinking the Michelin stand might be a little mundane.
In actuality the stand was far from what you might expect. Featuring two exotic supercars, a live artist, a magic mirror and superbikes aplenty – the Michelin stand was highly engaging.

Honda’s monster of a stand was certainly unique and resembled VHS tapes from the nineties. The entrance path was stylishly illuminated and gave the impression of walking down a red carpet.
The ground floor saw a number of activations including an immersive video game system which featured the well-known racing series Forza and encouraged attendees to beat lap times throughout the event. The top floor meanwhile was home to a bar and seating but the main attraction was the Honda Urban EV electric vehicle.

The Porsche stand was among the longest on show. Featuring a number of cars (both old and new), a huge amount of educational material and a lot of open space, the Porsche stand almost felt like a museum and helped to reaffirm both the carmaker’s heritage and its exciting future.

Porsche at FoS

The Festival of Speed is a huge event with so much to see and do but unfortunately it would be almost impossible to cover it all. See below a few images and highlights from the rest of the 2019 festival.

Bike stunt at FoS
Nascar engine at FoS
Lego McLaren at FoS
Koenigsegg at FoS
Intrigue at FoS
Jaguar at FoS
Aston Martin at FoS
Future tech at FoS
Lotus Evora at FoS
Rally convoy at FoS
Circuit City at FoS