18th July, 2019. Identity, an award-winning, global live events agency, has won a contract to deliver live events for Highways England, the government-owned company responsible for the maintenance, safety and improvement of major roads and motorways in England.

The relationship with Highways England will see Identity lead and deliver the organisation’s events throughout the United Kingdom.

“Highways England is essential to ensuring that England’s motorway network is operating at its peak,” said Matt Garcia, Senior Account Manager at Identity. “England and the whole of the UK relies on the motorway infrastructure and it’s critical that Highways England can do what it does best – improving the quality and safe use of roads as well as educating the public.”

“There are a number of vital messages that Highways England needs to broadcast and we are delighted to be able to help. The varied nature of live events presents a fantastic creative challenge and it’s one we can’t wait to get started on.”

The first live event that Highways England and Identity will collaborate for will be announced soon.