Every year, Identity works on hundreds of exhibition stands with each of them producing individual challenges. However, over the many years of designing and constructing stands, we’ve learnt some key tips to overcome any challenge and help ensure every stand is a success. When we produce larger stands, occasionally we find ourselves left with empty spaces. This can happen when the client hasn’t established how much room they were going to need before they booked. This can result in the client being left to pay out for large stand space and sometimes struggling to fill it. However, having empty space on a stand is not always a bad thing if it’s used correctly. Empty space does gives your staff and visitors ample room to discuss business and increases the chance for extensive networking during the exhibition.

When planning your stand, remember not to overfill it with unnecessary furniture and stock as it can make your exhibition stand look cluttered and uninviting. To avoid this, think about how many staff members will be manning the stand and the key showcase products you want to exhibit. Also, consider selecting exhibition stock furniture which you know will have a positive effect on your stand. For example, using a coffee machine with a barista can be a real crowd pleaser and bring moments of peace during what is normally a very busy and hectic exhibition timetable.

Identity can also work with you to produce a detailed layout for the stand. This is especially helpful for bigger shows as it allows you to see the journey of a potential client and help you identify where the stand’s focus areas need to be.

Once the main structural elements have been decided, it then becomes a question of making the stand feel inviting whilst still maintaining the correct look and feel. Having discussions with our graphic design team are crucial at this point as the correct imagery and branding can make or break a stand. The graphic design and layout of the stand can make particular elements of the show floor stand out as well or be able to blend in areas you want hidden away. One great way to create an impact is to use Identity’s show stock walling panels and large format PVC branding graphics which are custom designed and made to size.

For exhibitors planning a run of shows and multiple events throughout the year, it’s a good idea to invest into producing a kit of exhibition show stock which can be can be rolled out for the shows time and time again. This could include the production of exhibition plinths, furniture, pop-up banners, roller banners, audio visual equipment like televisions and iPads. This way, you avoid repeating hire costs for each show and the economies of scale from multiple uses of your show stock. These can also be re-branded if necessary if any logos or information changes during this time. Alternatively, Identity has a large amount of cost-effective exhibition hire stock. This includes walling panels which can be branded cost effectively in PVC banner material to exhibition furniture and reception counters which can be hired in, custom branded and rolled out repeatedly.

One item which gets regularly missed off the essentials list for an exhibition is the show literature and collateral. We think it’s essential to have current, eye-catching and informative literature produced for when your company exhibits at shows. Remember, it is the only thing potential customers can take away with them from the stand, so it’s crucial to have this up to date and openly available. To help, we provide wall mounted leaflet holders or free standing racks which can be dotted around the stand.

Another way of filling up floor space is to go interactive. There are many off the shelf options available with iPads and tablets on freestanding stands that are a very popular and cost-effective option. Custom content can be created on the devices to show your products or your website and is something that will draw visitors to your stand while also filling space. Another option that is becoming increasingly popular is photo booths. Commonly used at weddings and other celebratory events, these are now being used more and more for events and exhibitions. Photo booths can be linked to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and attracts crowds and traffic to both your stand and your website.

From a freestanding photo plinths to booths in vehicles and vans and the latest 360 degree cameras – Identity can help supply you with everything you need to make sure your stand exhibition is a success.