There are many critical elements for an organisation to consider when deciding to produce any kind of event or exhibition stand. A huge amount of time, money and effort is invested when partaking in an event so it’s imperative it produces a return on investment. The ROI could be the result of the event giving your business exposure or the generation of sales.

However, the success of your event is not just measured by these two points alone. Elements such as lead generation, direct client feedback and networking are all examples of qualitative data that may not bring direct revenue back but are key to growing your business.

In this article, Identity explores the main things you need to know to make sure your event or exhibition goes well.

With the UK exhibition and trade fair sectors worth an estimated £20 billion in 2015, there is an unparalleled choice and opportunities available for businesses to tap into new avenues and clientele. Furthermore, many exhibitions are held with specific audiences and sectors in mind. This makes it easier when deciding which event your business should appear at as you know where you will be seen by your target audience.

An exhibition hall, however, is a fiercely competitive environment, its own mini city with hundreds of companies fighting for the attention of the attendees. You must be selective and focused on delivering key messaging and content to any potential clients.

It’s essential your stand fits the market you’re aiming for and the design of the stand should be a reflection of that. For example, a manufacturer of audio equipment would want its key products on display in the prominent areas of the stand. This way the audience can see, feel and even potentially hear the product. If your product or service is more web-based, you would need to incorporate it into your stand. This could be achieved with touchscreens for online, tablets or computers for content along with leaflets and brochures showcasing your product or service.

Pre-awareness for any kind of event or show is crucial and there are many ways to focus your drive. E-invites to your existing customers is always a good place to start but obviously only focuses on your existing client base. Social media plays a key role in raising awareness and generating leads for your business. You might be surprised how many people a quick Tweet or an Instagram photo can actually reach.

Here at Identity, we’re experts in making sure that your stand design does exactly what it is required to do and showcases your company in the best possible way. The construction of the stand will be determined a lot by your brand image. From high-end materials such as gloss panels and furniture, through to rustic timbers and paints, the look and feel should reflect your brand and directly target your key audience. With a broad range of clients from global online powerhouses to local small businesses wanting to increase their exposure, each and every stand Identity creates is designed and tailor made to suit every client and show.

76% of exhibition visitors come to the show with an agenda so it’s crucial your stand design draws their attention to what you have to offer and your USP’s. For your stand design, you have to think about what your potential customers are looking for and make sure that that particular element stands out from the crowds.

Your most basic stand design will be based on a Shell Scheme package provided by the venue, with your stand separated by a walling framework to create your stand area. This is accessible for a wide range of exhibitors due to lower costs involved and is a great option for smaller businesses looking to make an impact. There is relatively limited scope for design outside of your box but here at Identity, we have the experience to make sure your stand has the impact it deserves. This includes custom branding elements and clever use of graphics, digital technology, AV, custom lighting and show furniture all available on hire.

Space only stands are more focused towards bigger organisations that have an increased marketing budget and are ideal for making a major impact at a trade show. With the design of a space only stand, the sky is the limit with virtually limitless possibilities in terms of layout, materials, shapes, colours and finishes. A well-designed stand will have the wow factor, showcase your products or service in the best way possible to your target audience and stay true to your brand Identity.