As the latest addition to Identity, Phillip Maggs joins as senior digital producer.

With 15 years of agency experience delivering work for clients such as IBM, Google, Burberry, PepsiCo, Airbus, Playtech, Facebook and many others, Phil is a highly creative and experienced interactive content and production specialist.

“Joining Identity, an agency that has the stability of a heritage brand and the agility of a start-up is a truly exciting opportunity. The team is first-rate, the client base is diverse and the leadership team has ambitious values that are in-line with my work ethos and passion – I can’t wait to execute some best-in-class work with Identity and build an exciting offering for our clients,” commented Phil.

Phil has worked on a huge number of diverse and unique projects, delivering outstanding results for clients including fireworks on several global tours for Katy Perry, a large scale augmented reality Trent XWB engine for Rolls Royce and producing rings of fire for the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

2012 London Olympic Rings

Phil will lead Identity’s in-house digital production team, bringing significant value and insight to its projects and clients.

Micheal Gietzen, MD said: “Having someone with Phil’s experience and skill set will be integral to the agency as digital event production continues to be a key area of focus for our clients.”