Identity made a very special delivery to BBC’s Broadcasting House, London, this week.

Responsible for delivering events for the RAF, Identity brought a full-size replica of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team’s iconic Hawk jet to central London, to help unveil the Red Arrows’ latest dynamic manoeuvre on The One Show.

Identity Team

Michael Gietzen, Identity’s managing director, said: “Even in these challenging times, exciting events are still happening. I am really impressed at how the team at Identity was able to adapt to the fast-moving changes to the original requirements while working closely with our client and the BBC. Everyone pulled together – and delivered a great feature that was a welcome piece of good news at this time.”

Flight Lieutenant Jon Bond, also known as Red 6, has created a new manoeuvre to feature within this year’s display. The Red Arrows team shared this with presenter Alex Jones as part of The One Show interview. Joining them outside the BBC’ studios was the RAF Hawk jet – carefully delivered and lovingly prepared for its big moment on screen by the team at Identity.