Identity have been creators of the Bauder stands at the Ecobuild exhibition for the past 2 years and were requested by Bauder to create a third stand for the 2016 event. Ecobuild is an event where sustainable design, construction and energy solutions for new builds, refurbishments, commercial and domestic buildings are presented by many different companies. 800 brands attended this year’s event meaning Bauder really had to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. For the 2016 show, Bauder had booked a 30% larger stand space, going from an 80m2 to 110m2 stand island space, meaning Identity had more room for creativity!

Bauder are a leading manufacturer and supplier of flat roofs, green roofs and photovoltaics and wanted to creatively showcase their leading products at the event. Identity met with Bauder’s marketing team to receive the brief which requested the key products to be showcased in an eye-catching and innovative design that was both inviting and visible from afar. Identity were successful in achieving this in a number of ways, including:

  • An edged lit platform which provided a glow around the whole edge of the stand and edge lit plinths to display products on.
  • Feature fins walls (finished in Bauder’s corporate colours) with gaps in between. The fins were very effective in creating segregated areas maintaining an open atmosphere.
  • 2 raised letter logo lightboxes in the centre of the stand.
  • A branded circular hanging structure positioned above the stand space.

Identity were asked by Bauder to design the stand ensuring that the layout around it had a natural flow. This was to enable visitors to enter the stand from any point, eradicating the feeling of missing anything. This was achieved by installing a shaped carpet around the stand including specific positions around the product and interactive areas. Technology was included in this year’s stand design with a central iPad bench where visitors could browse the Bauder website either on their own or with a member of the Bauder sales team. Opposite the central store area of the stand was a large curved counter which worked as a meet and greet/hospitality area, allowing Bauder to entertain existing and potential new customers.

During the planning of the stage Identity worked closely with Bauder’s creative team to come up with inspiring graphics to highlight those key products and information. The team at Identity who worked on this project were delighted with the look of the stand and enjoyed the feedback received during the installation of the stand and while the show was live.

Here’s what Bauder’s Marketing & Exhibitions Executive Simon Ward had to say about the stand built by Identity:

“Hats off to you Identity, for producing such an incredible stand which certainly had the WOW factor! You went beyond our expectations creating a design that answered our brief, coupled with that the construction and finish was absolutely perfect, thank you. We are really looking forward to working together on our next exhibition.”