We are delighted to announce that in December 2020, Identity became a member of isla, collaborating and innovating in the events space with a sincere ambition to increase sustainability within our organisation and the events that we deliver.

What is isla?

isla is a non-profit organisation founded as the event industry’s response to the climate crisis. Founded by 12 agencies, isla is an action-driven network. It brings together expertise from across the entire events sector, provides resources and training and has developed tools to support and deliver industry-wide standardisation and best practice on sustainable practices.

“We are at a crucial point in the trajectory of the fight against climate change. The world’s actions in the next ten years will determine the results of the next 100+ and it is the responsibility of individuals, governments and businesses to address this. Coronavirus has had a major impact on the events industry and recovery will take time, but this recovery must be sustainable. The industry has a decades-long legacy of ‘build and burn’, but the shutdown caused by the virus does allow assessing practices and changing behaviours to ensure that the planet – as well as people – is put at the forefront of the recovery.” – isla Co-Founders.

The core aims of isla

isla focuses on three core areas: zero waste, 100% renewable, and carbon emission reductions. isla aims to set short- and long-term targets in these areas and then track measure and report to support constant improvement with the support of members and the wider industry. Through facilitation, education and reporting isla drives to share knowledge, upskill the industry and track our progress to affect change rapidly and meaningfully, across the events industry.

Join isla

If you’re wondering how you can become a member of isla, contact us today and we will be happy to support you in the transition to a more sustainable future for the events industry.