To lighten lockdown in January, the Identity team took part in a photography competition with the aim of capturing the best photo to describe their experiences.

With lots of amazing entries it was a difficult task to select just one winner so we thought, why have one winner, when you can have two!

We are delighted to present to you the winners, bringing both darkness and light in these unprecedented and often overwhelming times.

Lockdown Life by Christophe Allirot

“When I parked my car in our garage, I saw the sunlight coming through the barred window and thought about the theme of your competition, thinking that window would make a great frame for a Black &White photo and would kind of ‘symbolise’ lockdown at the same time, so I asked my son to stand there and look outside as he was stuck indoors like some kind of prisoner waiting for his freedom back.

A bit dark but still optimistic, it’s good to keep positive in those strange and difficult times we’re living at the moment… so there you go, here’s the story behind my picture” – Christophe Allirot.

‘The Gallops’ at Friston by Paul Gillingham

The inspiration behind the photo:

“Living through a global pandemic takes its toll on our physical and mental well-being. As the weeks and months have gone by, we have all experienced the lockdown rollercoaster of emotions and feelings. Not seeing family and friends has been tough.

I’ve found getting out regularly, enjoying the local surroundings, having that fresh air intake has been very much needed for the mind and soul..

Recent weeks has given us some awesome sunrises and sunsets, this photo captures our current times…

The gate symbolising the restraint of lockdown, the frost the loneliness of isolation, the yellowy grass that all is not as healthy and vibrant as usual, the sun pushing up over the downs and through the clouds highlighting optimism.” – Paul Gillingham

What’s next?

It’s important to drive employee engagement to increase morale and drive productivity.The Harvard Business Review found that organisations with higher employee engagement often had 22% higher productivity rate*, which in turn improves the experience for employees and customers. Whilst we are uncertain when we will be able to return to staff socials, we can’t wait to see the results of more COVID-safe competitions that will be coming up soon!

* Harvard Business Review