On Saturday 14th July, Identity participated and smashed the Brighton Gauntlet Games! The 5k course consisted of 20 (!) separate obstacles, including the belly slide, aqua crossing and classics like the sack race and cargo net scramble.

Shoes were lost in the mud, fancy dress items had to be shed along the way and The White Rabbit lost his clock. The entire team made a huge effort and absolutely (and very literally) threw themselves at the games. It was a fantastic team bonding exercise and really tested everyone’s stamina and drive.

The 25 degree heat and non-breathable fancy dress costumes may have slowed the team a little but everyone completed the course (all-be-it battered and bruised), well earning their medal and a beer at the finish line.

As a collective, we raised a fantastic £725 towards our annual fundraising goal for our partnered charity, Raystede Animal Welfare Centre. A huge thank you goes to all of those who have been so generous with their donations, the JustGiving page is still live should you wish to contribute.