Identity is an extremely fast-paced business with rarely a moment’s peace – which is exactly how we prefer it. This is true for all three divisions of the company: Events, Signage & Printing and Digital. Accordingly, keeping an eye on ongoing and upcoming projects presents something of a challenge, but our Operations Director Paul Fitzpatrick manages to keep his eyes firmly on all departments.

Initially joining the company to head up the Signage & Printing division, Paul has been with Identity since 2011. Leading a team of four, Paul not only oversaw the projects of his team but actively project managed many of the larger signage jobs himself. Under his guidance, the Signage & Printing division has grown and developed to become a hugely successful side of the business. Paul took the step up to become Operations Director at Identity in 2014. In this role responsibility for both the number of projects and staff has grown, with Paul overseeing our highly experienced team of project managers as well as the day-to-day operations of the business.

“It’s good to have an understanding of everything that passes through the business, but with the team, we have here, I’m always confident that the service we deliver will be brilliant and leave every client wanting to work with us again.”

Whether it’s writing and preparing tenders for global brands, reviewing a recent project, hiring new staff or improving the company’s processes, every day for Paul is different. Each day starts with our internal daily operations meeting where we review the progress of projects, share successes and tackle potential issues. After the meeting, the management team at Identity share the day’s focus with the wider team and the rest runs like clockwork… more often than not!

After a busy September, Paul also had something else bubbling under the surface. After a non-stop month of planning for a major events project in London, he earned himself a well-deserved break, taking his long-term girlfriend to California where he proposed and she said yes. Congratulations to both of you, and we’re sure that planning the wedding will be a walk in the park compared to some of the projects at Identity!

Paul’s hard-working attitude coupled with his leadership skills make him a hugely popular member of the Identity team who continues to baffle most of us with how he manages to remain so on top of everything and get a good night’s sleep. His enthusiasm rubs off on everyone else and he continues to develop the business both with new and existing clients.

“There is a real buzz in the office every day and it makes coming to work enjoyable. Of course, you encounter your fair share of problems in this line of work, with tight deadlines, the occasional technical issue and challenges on site, but it makes it more rewarding when those things are worked out. It helps when you have an events team as creative and intuitive as ours.”